Now Available on VOD – Oblivion Island: Haruka & the Magic Mirror

We are starting a new trend at the office. Starting this month, we will have a Staff Picks post where we get to share our thoughts about a title. Today we want to highlight Oblivion Island: Haruka & the Magic Mirror (Production I.G).

About the movie: Production I.G’s award-winning feature-length romp will amaze both the young and the young at heart. While on a hunt for her precious mirror, 16-year-old Haruka follows a foxlike creature in the woods and tumbles into the mystical world of lost toys! Join Haruka and her new friend on a roller coaster ride of adventure as they contend with the Baron – who wants the mirror for his own evil plan!

Why we picked this title: Forget for a minute that it’s a TV-PG title and that it looks stunning in HD. It has a wonderful story and we pretty much relate to Haruka and those toys we neglected while growing up. We’re just suckers for cute creatures too.

Oblivion Island: Haruka & the Magic Mirror is available now on Xfinity Video on Demand & FiOS TV VOD. We will  also premiere the title on the 24/7 HD channel on Saturday, 8/25/12 at 8pm eastern.

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FiOSTV VOD – Movies>New Releases>Anime


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