VOD Fridays – 11/12 (It's All Full Of Stars! Edition)

Lots of things happening at the network. We’re busy gearing up for all sorts of good stuff starting with the unveiling of new shows in primetime. Still wishing your video provider offers FUNimation Channel? Stop wishing and start requesting on the channel’s petition site. You are missing out on some HD premieres. Oh, and we are not stopping there. December will see its fair share of new shows in primetime. But for now, let’s talk about new VOD updates on Comcast VOD.

  • RoboGeisha (Streets on DVD 11/16/10)
  • Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl
  • Case Closed movie 3 – The Last Wizard of the Century
  • One Piece eps 164-166
  • Sekirei eps 1 – 6 *Episode 1 is a FREEVIEW
  • Birdy the Mighty: Decode part 2 eps 13 – 20 (Streets on DVD 11/30/10)
  • Jubei-Chan eps 10 – 13 (In some cities)
  • Case Closed ep 103
  • Nana ep 33
  • Honey and Clover ep 17
  • Negima!? eps 13 – 14 (season 2)
  • Aquarion eps 19 – 20
  • Monster eps 51 – 52
  • School Rumble eps 14 – 15

Visit the channel online for the TV schedule grid. More changes and updates coming soon!

Attending Anime USA this weekend? Attend the FUNimation panel to learn more about the new primetime lineup and how to tell your video provider to get the HD channel.

*Programming disclaimer: Programming is subject to change without notice and is at the discretion of the network and video service provider.


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