VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/29) Halloween Weekend Edition

Apparently, today is the *new* Black Friday. That’s what the news outlets have been saying last night. And I was just musing here at the office that it seemed like yesterday that 2010 just started. This year flew by quick.

Today is a light refresh day on Comcast VOD. Here’s a list of what’s new this week on the service:

  • Case Closed ep 101
  • NANA ep 30
  • Monster eps 48 – 49

You see, light. Looking ahead, November is going to have some really great shows airing on the 24/7 network. The schedule will continue to change and evolve over time so don’t be surprised if a new series will be scheduled on the channel :wink:.

We’re in discussions with various major cable & video providers. If you or your friends haven’t done so, please visit the Get FUNimation Channel petition site to have the channel carried by your provider. We’ll have more news soon regarding the channel so keep at it folks! Let your video provider know that their competitors have FUNimation Channel HD and you don’t want to be left out of that action.

New and exciting things are ahead for the channel. Visit the channel’s schedule page to see what’s currently airing on the HD network.

Have a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

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Programming Disclaimer: Programming is subject to change without notice and is under the discretion of the channel.


5 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/29) Halloween Weekend Edition”

  1. Comcast hasn’t updated the Funimation VOD section in my area last week or this week. I live in Bensalem, PA. How can I let them know about this?

  2. My zip code is 19020. Thanks.

  3. yeah i live in harrisburg PA and its the same here. they havent updated it for a couple weeks now. i wanna see my NANA! lol.

    • @hime-chan and @Jetstream2 – Contacted Comcast and they have said that Harrisburg, PA has been having some technical issues for a while now. They will look into Bensalem, PA and let me know what’s going on there. This is probably a good time to tell Comcast that you want them to carry the HD channel. 😉

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