VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/15) NYAF Aftercon Edition

By: FUNimation Channel

Oct 15 2010

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Last weekend was a lot of fun. The channel received a ton of support from NYCC/NYAF convention goers each day. In addition, I spent a little time talking with Puffy AmiYumi and Boom Boom Satellites before their Far East to East 2010 concert; which was incredibly fun. We’re currently editing the interviews so it will take a while but we promise to post them once they are good to go. I’ll show NYAF/NYCC highlights in pictures after the jump.

Meanwhile, let’s mention some of the new eps available now on Comcast’s VOD. How can you access FUNimation Anime on Comcast VOD? Just press the ON DEMAND button and then scroll through the menu to The Cutting Edge. After choosing, you will find FUNimation Anime. We have two offerings: FUNimation Free and FUNimation Platinum. Platinum allows viewers to see shows before they are released on DVD.

Here’s what’s new now:

  • Hetalia Axis Powers eps 49 – 52
  • Linebarrels of Iron Season 2 eps 17 – 20
  • Casshern Sins eps 21 – 24
  • Case Closed ep 100
  • NANA eps 28 – 29
  • Honey and Clover ep 14
  • Suzuka eps 17 – 18
  • Romeo X Juliet eps 1 – 2 (repeating series)
  • Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid eps 9 – 10
  • Monster ep 45
  • School Rumble eps 8 – 9

And some cities might have these additional eps and titles:

  • Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne eps 5 – 6
  • RoboGeisha
  • Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

*Programming Disclaimer: Programming is subject to change without notice and at the discretion of the channel and video provider.

Didn’t make it out to NYAF/NYCC last weekend? Don’t worry. You can visit our call-to-action site at Get FUNimation Channel dot com. The request cards are working folks. More channel expansion announcements will be made in the next month. Stay tuned!

Earlier this week on Twitter, I asked if the lucky folks who picked up one of our limited edition shirts would like to post a pic wearing the shirt. Here’s one that is quite inspiring:

by Jtoribio0106 That was a clever picture. đŸ˜‰

Here are more pictures from the show and some from the Vamps & FETES 2010.

puffy amiyumi - 10 boom boom satellites - 14
nycc 2010 - 14

VAMPS in NYC 52...

Photo Credits: Mike Ricca 1st row of pictures 1 – 2 (left to right). 2nd row picture 1 (bottom left)

Photo Credits: Tasayu Tasnaphun 2nd row picture 2

And a few more…

Photo by DaisukeYoshida//Superglorious

Photo by: DaisukeYoshida//Superglorious

Photo by: Mayumi Nashida

Photo by: Mayumi Nashida


6 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/15) NYAF Aftercon Edition”

  1. Still waiting for Comcast to get the channel, so I just filled out another request card. I hope we are invovled in these expansion announcements.

  2. Thanks for posting me on your Blog Funimation, as i said on twitter you guys are seriously awesome this was the highlight of my day! Funimation=Awesomeness đŸ™‚

  3. Is it possible to put high definition episodes of funimation anime on comcast vod?

  4. Are you guys going to start dubbing the keteikyo hitman reborn series? because if you do i swear you will have so many happy fangirls on your hands including myself and guys would appreciate the action and comedy. oh and do you know whats going on with the d.gray-man series? because after i ran out of dubbed episodes i started watching the subbed and that ended at episode 103…same goes for ghost hunt. i’m still trying to figure out what in the hell is going on with that one because the manga left off at a cliffhanger and the anime did the same. So would you guys mind helping this poor otaku out. even my mom and lil bro want to know what’s happening with those things. A dopo e graze mille for all your hard work!

  5. @Mai Vongola

    Funimation don’t even have Katekyo Hitman Reborn lol. Sounds like someone told a lie to you.
    So yeah, they can’t dub what they don’t have. Unless you and the many fangirls you mentioned want to club together, buy the license and donate to them.

  6. @Mai Vongola

    As for Ghost Hunt. The Anime caught up with the light novels. Which just so happened to be near the end of the current released volumes so they had to end early. Volume 12 of the Light Novels is the last, whenever that comes out.

    Maybe they’l do another short series. Isn’t much more they can do, then perhaps maybe a 13 episode sequal?

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