VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/8) NYAF Edition

Its nice to be back in NYC. The weather gives off that perfect Fall feeling. Are you attending NYAF/NYCC this weekend? Stop by the FUNimation Entertainment booth and say “hi!” to me and another of our channel reps. We are giving away limited edition t-shirts throughout the show. You’ll need to follow FUNimation Channel on Twitter to know when I will be giving away the shirts. Don’t want to cause a riot or call the attention of the NY Fire Marshall :nyu:

Also, we have the popular channel request cards that make a whole world of difference to us at those meetings. Want FUNimation Channel HD on your cable or satellite service? Then stop by the booth and fill out one of these cards. You’ll also be entered for a chance to win an anime prize pack worth $250.  And if you can’t make it to the show, you can still make a difference by visiting our Get FUNimation Channel site. Use it for your grassroot petitions.

I’m going to sit down and meet with the guys from Boom Boom Satellites and the lovely ladies of Puffy AmiYumi. Got a question or two you want me to ask them? Now’s the time to let me know. I’ll choose the best one and give you a shout-out.

Here’s what’s new on Comcast VOD:

  • Initial D Third Stage movie
  • Corpse Princess eps 11 – 15
  • One Piece eps 158 – 160
  • Initial D First Stage eps 12 – 13
  • Case Closed ep 99
  • Nana ep 27
  • Honey and Clover ep 13
  • Negima!? (Season 2) eps 9 – 10
  • Claymore eps 17 – 18
  • Tsubasa Chronicle eps 51 – 52
  • Kaze No Stigma eps 5 – 6
  • Monster eps 43 – 44
  • School Rumble eps 6 – 7

and some cities might see this offered:

  • Honey and Clover ep 8
  • Jubei-Chan eos 7 – 9

Stay tuned to more news and updates. Follow the channel on Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date posts and free giveaways. Congrats to @Daguru77 for winning a pair of tix to the FETES 2010 show this Sunday at Irving Plaza. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

Want to know what’s on TV? Visit the channel’s grid here.


6 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/8) NYAF Edition”

  1. I see you guys caring less and less about Comcast fans. All i can say is, I hope you enjoy your “hardly anyone has the channel” idea.

    • @JB – With a comment like that, its difficult for us to convince Comcast to launch the 24/7 service on their system. They need to hear it from their customers that you want and demand it. “Hardly anyone has the channel” is because hardly anyone is letting Comcast know they want the channel.

      We are working hard to get Comcast to commit to it. They won’t do it if viewers/fans don’t let Comcast know. The channel request cards has helped with our expansion so far. The other half of the battle is You – the customer of the video provider – you have their customer relations number. You can call them to demand that the 24/7 channel becomes available.

  2. Any plans to put the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA on either the Funi channel or Funi streaming sites?

    Madman Australia goofed listing a release date for the OVA on their site and promptly removing said listing.

    Why are you guys sitting on this OVA anyway?

  3. (A question for Boom Boom Satellites)
    I see that you guys are on the soundtrack of “SAW 3D”, is there reason as to why you chose to do this, and are you happy with how it turned out?

  4. , but I understand I’d like to actually see progress. I have already sent in over 10 requests, there is a certain point in which you guys gotta take charge.

    • @Dragonpiece – And we appreciate that you sent in over 10 requests. But have your friends and their friends done the same? I think our channel team is doing a good job taking charge at meetings with cable and satellite operators. Don’t want to take that away from what we’ve already accomplished so far. 5 years and running – that’s a milestone already on linear. Viewers should never stop requesting the channel. And recently expanding on AT&T U-verse is progress. We will announce future expansion news once it becomes available.

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