VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/17)

It sounds like a majority of viewers loved the channel’s new look. Keep in mind that we are still in need of viewers calling and emailing their video providers and telling them to add FUNimation Channel to their programming lineup, especially now that its in HD. The channel’s programming will evolve as we continue to expand into more homes and more systems. Very soon we will announce a major expansion that will become available nationwide. And they are just as excited as we are about being a part of their programming lineup. We have all kinds of good things planned.

Next month, we’ll be in New York for NYAF/NYCC. We will be giving away something awesome at the show so if you are attending, you will need to follow the channel on Twitter to know when we are giving away something at the show. We’ll have channel request sign-ups so viewers can request that their video provider can add the 24/7 FUNimation Channel to their lineup.

Here’s what’s new on Comcast VOD:

On Demand –>The Cutting Edge –>Funimation Anime–>Funimation Platinum (Pre-release shows)

On Demand–>The Cutting Edge–>Funimation Anime–>Funimation Free (Free VOD)

  • Hetalia Axis Powers eps 37-48 :bloody:
  • Linebarrels of Iron season 2 eps 13 – 16
  • Linebarrels of Iron OVA eps 25 – 26
  • Casshern Sins eps 16 – 20
  • Case Closed ep 96
  • Honey and Clover ep 11
  • Romeo X Juliet eps 11 – 12
  • Baccano! ep 16
  • Aquarion eps 13 – 14
  • Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid eps 5 – 6
  • Kaze No Stigma eps 3 – 4
  • Monster eps 38 – 39

And remember, you can always visit the channel’s programming schedule on FUNimation Channel‘s site. Stay tuned and you can follow channel updates on Twitter @FUNiChan or Facebook. Also, we’re getting anime clubs around the nation involved in our upcoming promotional plans. If you want to be a part of our grassroots movement, send an email to info at funimation channel dot com and in the subject heading type in all caps – GRASSROOTS. More details will be posted in future blog posts.

Let’s keep this momentum going!

*Programming disclaimer – Programming is subject to change at any time and is at the discretion of the channel.


9 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/17)”

  1. I’m so confused. You guys keep talking about the Funimation Channel expanding to more systems very soon, but you’re still discussing this with Comcast. So does that mean you’re close to finishing the deal with them, or are they not even in the picture when you say more systems?

  2. I wish I could make it to New York next month to see you guys. Closest you guys are going to be to me for a while. It would be perfect place to announce something waiting for with Funimation Channel. 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Do you guys have information on what day and time your show will be at?

  4. I am with Justin, will it come or will it not(about Comcast)? You keep on talking about Comcast carring yet, you still say you are dealing with them.

  5. I hope comcast is involved in this expansion.

  6. Does this mean that FUNimation finally contacted Bright House and asked them to add the FUNimation Channel?

  7. If ya’ll got DISH in on the expansion, my love will forever be yours.

  8. I hope the FUNi 24/7 HD channel goes to Comcast. If it does I would think after a while all the major networks will want it. I don’t watch tv but everyone I know has Directv. The only Networks I can get if I decide to get TV are Comcast, Directv, & Dish Network. I would never want to pay extra to watch VOD, since Funimation and two or three other channels would be the only channels I watch. I am going to stick with buying the animes I want to see.

  9. HEY! When is Funimation gonna get COX to add the channel!? 😡

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