VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/10)

By: FUNimation Channel

Sep 10 2010

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Hello everyone! Summer may have ended but things are still hot here at the network. We started this week off with the launch of FUNimation Channel HD and in a couple of weeks, we’ll announce the carrier who will offer the channel’s true HD feed to you – our devoted fans & viewers. To the rest of the viewers on other carriers, your cable and satellite operator can pick up our channel just as long as viewers pick up their phones or send emails and demand that their provider offers it. I want to clarify some of the misconceptions that seem to be floating around out there. First off, the standard definition feed no longer exists. It was taken down last Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. At 12 midnight on Monday, the HD feed went live and the new schedule went live as well. Second, Verizon FiOS is not showing viewers our true HD feed. What they are currently offering to viewers is a down-converted version of our HD feed. To get the channel’s true HD feed, TELL VERIZON FIOS THAT YOU WANT YOUR FUNIMATION CHANNEL HD! As soon as our second announcement rolls along, you may want to let your carrier know that other providers are giving viewers FUNimation Channel HD in true HD – (insert cable/satellite operator here) should too. One channel. One feed. One lineup.

Now more than ever, we’re asking every anime fan and anime club across the US to get involved in our tireless march to launch the HD channel on all systems. Visit the Get FUNimation Channel page to get all the info and join the movement.

Before I list what’s on VOD, we want to let viewers know that Comcast is currently undergoing a major overhaul on their servers that hold VOD titles. This is out of our control since the operator, Comcast, is making these changes on their systems. Some cities will see less content while others will have the regular offering. This is another reason why its important for viewers to contact Comcast and let them know you want the 24/7 FUNimation Channel HD.

Where to find Funimation Anime on Comcast’s On Demand menu:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Platinum

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Free —> By Genre

Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD:

  • Hetalia Axis Powers eps 25 – 36 Special :bloody:
  • Corpse Princess eps 6 – 10
  • Eden of the East eps 1 – 6 (Episode 1 is a FREEVIEW)
  • Case Closed ep 95
  • NANA eps 22 – 23
  • Baccano! ep 15
  • Tsubasa Chronicle eps 47 – 48
  • Monster eps 36 – 37
  • Bamboo Blade ep 26
  • Ninja Nonsense eps 1 – 3
  • Escaflowne the Movie

Some cities will see this lineup instead:

  • Honey and Clover ep 6

and the rest are NANA, Romeo x Juliet, Claymore, Monster, Bamboo Blade, Kenichi and Jubei-Chan

Remember to stay tuned to our next announcement. You can follow the channel on Twitter and on Facebook. Have a good weekend!

*Programming Disclaimer: Programming is subject to change without notice and is at the discretion of the channel.


8 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/10)”

  1. Double Rainbow, What does it mean!?!

    My tivo is getting full with all the new shows I want to watch. I really hope that FIOS releases the real HD version of this channel. I kid you not, when I was buying a house 2 years ago, finding a home in a FIOS town was a prerequisite for 2 major resons: I hate comcast, and I wanted the Funimation Channel.

  2. Hey Funi what’s up! Anyway I’m missing a lot of Anime here in Chicago 60649 what’s going on with that? Here’s what I’m missing:

    Esclaflowne 25,26 and the movie

    NANA 21.5

    Negima!? 5 and 6

    Suzuka 13 and 14

    Kaze No Stigma 1 and 2

    Romeo X Juliet 09 and 10

    Monster 35

    Kenichi 25 and 26

    Aquarion 11 and 12

    Baccano 14

    Case Closed 94

    Initial D First Stage 1–7

    Sengoku Basara 1–5

    Hetalia Axis Powers 25–36 Special

    • @Katane – Yeah…As I mentioned in the blog Comcast is doing something to their servers that handle all their VOD titles. Some cities will have less content than usual. Its something the channel has no control over. Its Comcast doing their thing.

      Its the major reason why we are letting viewers know that the best way to overcome this VOD craziness is for viewers to call, email, tweet to Comcast that you demand FUNimation Channel HD to be added to the 24/7 lineup. Its the only way to make you happy with them 😉

  3. Hearing of the problems comcast seems to have not just with Funi channel makes me glad I don’t have it. Of course I would have the channel but Cablevision a little better. Keeping fingers cross that it does come to Cablevision soon because some good stuff on there. I hope HD thing works out too.

  4. It’s just like Comcast to screw everything up! Also Funi talking to Comcast is like talking to a brick wall, it’s going to get you nowhere. I really hate Comcast and everything they stand for. That’s why Funi you all should make the move to DirecTV, they’re way better than that piece of crap they call Comcast.

  5. Boooo!!! Don’t give up on us Comcast people Funi, we love you =3

  6. Comcast has a Twitter account Funi? If so are you all following them or they’re following yall?

    • @Miguel – Yes. We are following them. @comcastcares @ComcastOnDemand @comcast

      Everyone – feel free to Tweet away at them & let them know that Comcast customers want FUNimation Channel HD today!

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