VOD Friday's – FUNimation Channel (9/3)

This past week has been crazy. We’re doing some internal tests for the impending AWESOME that’s about to happen next week for the 24/7 channel. We think you will really like what you’ll see. All your patience & support will certainly payoff. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s what’s new on Comcast VOD:

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –>Funimation Anime –> Funimation Platinum

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Free –> By Genre

  • Sengoku Basara eps 1 – 5 (EPISODE 1 is a FREEVIEW) :bloody:
  • Initial D First Stage eps 1 – 7 (EPISODE 1 is a FREEVIEW) :bloody:
  • Case Closed ep 94
  • Nana ep 21.5
  • Honey and Clover ep 10
  • Suzuka eps 13 – 14
  • Negima!? season 2 eps 5 – 6
  • Romeo X Juliet eps 9 – 10
  • Baccano! ep 14
  • Claymore eps 13 – 14
  • Aquarion eps 11 – 12
  • Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid eps 3 – 4
  • Kaze no Stigma eps 1 – 2
  • Monster ep 35
  • Bamboo Blade ep 25
  • Kenichi eps 25 – 26
  • Escaflowne eps 25 – 26

In some cities, the following movies are showing:

  • Genghis Khan (live action movie)
  • Evangelion 1.11 movie
  • Blue Gender the Warrior movie
  • Initial D Third Stage movie

This month is going to be a busy month for the channel. In the coming weeks, viewers will notice a change in the linear lineup and news about the channel’s expansion. Here’s a peek of what you will see – as far as channel interstitials goes:

Jump over to the FUNimation Channel site and check out our linear schedule. It will give you a glimpse of what’s to come and the changes ahead. Check out the video below & share the news with everyone. Get very excited folks! xD


22 comments on “VOD Friday's – FUNimation Channel (9/3)”

  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that expansion news will include Cablevision. Looks like some good stuff is coming to the channel. 🙂

  2. I haven’t gotten anything on Comcast’s VOD yet. Are they still moving their servers around or something?

  3. So starting 3 days ago? I have verizon fios and noticed yesterday on the menu that the channel was playing soul eater. I quickly changed the channel, and it looked like Host Club.

  4. so whats the deal, I thought dish network carried some vod, but I can’t seem to find any…

  5. Does this mean that comcast will get the channel some time next week, or do us with comcast have to wait a while?

  6. Nice. I’ve been waiting for this change. I had a minor freak out last week trying to get my tivo to record some of these new shows before I found out that the channel’s relaunch had been delayed a week. 2 quick ones:

    1) Please tell me that both of the remaining 2 episodes of NANA will air this weekend. I don’t want to be left hanging with the final episode going un-aired.

    2) I would love to hear some news that us loyal FIOS subscribers will be rewarded with a shiny new HD channel…

  7. Can I get this on Dish Nteowrk too?

  8. this might sound like a dumb question but i never bothered to ask what the square thing is for
    is it like a barcode?

  9. What cities will Initial D be playing in? :mrgreen:

  10. Couldn’t get a better VO for that? He mispronounced Baccano.

  11. Does this mean comcast is going to finally get the funimation channel? Because if funimation channel begins airing on comcast 24/7, I will cry (and not manly tears, I mean full-on Lost finale level weeping 😛 ).

  12. Haha, the first clue (the barcode) is for witchblade. Man, I love having a barcode reader on my phone. 😀

  13. On my Verizon provider, the new FUNimation Channel format is shrinked down into a letter box. I ALREADY lose quality in the image as it is! What’s going on?

    • @starss – Since the original feed is pushing HD, its being down-converted to SD for viewers without HD access. We’re still working out the technical issues but for now, if you have a flatscreen monitor that’s in Standard Def, best thing to do now is to adjust your aspect ratio on your monitor to “4:3” and choose “zoom in” so the picture can try to fill up the space.
      We’re working with master control to have this issue resolved. Thanks.

  14. @FUNimation_Channel – you mentioned that the SD channel is a down-converted version of the HD feed. Has the HD channel been released yet, and if so what providers are offering it? I have heard no word from Verizon about a new HD channel and they are one of the few providers that offer the linear channel at all.

  15. It’s fine now Funimation_Channel. It was just awfully slow this weekend

  16. Another update and several more missing episodes from my listings. I don’t know who’s dropping the ball, but it’s annoying having to look around to download stuff when I already pay close to $90 to have this stuff on my TV at my convenience.

    Orange, VA 22960 Missing:
    Bamboo Blade 25
    Kenichi 26
    Sengoku Basara 2-5

  17. @FUNimation_Channel- Did it, and I can go with this for now.

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