*ATTN Comcast VOD viewers

By: FUNimation Channel

Aug 08 2010

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We’ve noticed a discrepancy in some cities where some series have skipped or missed episodes. Comcast is undergoing a change in their servers that handle VOD content. We are in touch with Comcast’s technical to see if they can correct the issue.

In the meantime, if your city was affected, please list in the comments section below the following:

– Your city that receives cable service
– Your zip code
– Brief desc. of issue

We’ll most likely re-air the series that was affected by these issues at a later date.

*Programming Disclaimer: Programming is subject to change at any time and without notice.


12 comments on “*ATTN Comcast VOD viewers”

  1. Orange, VA

    Seems that I’m missing Romeo x Juliet 3-4 and Kenichi 6-12.

  2. Denver/Lakewood, Colorado

    The previous week prior this one was missing everything but new Baccano! If I remember correctly

  3. Davenport, FL
    Hasn’t been updated in a long time

  4. Roselle, NJ
    Missing episodes 3 and 4 for Romeo x Juliet.

  5. There was no RxJ eps 3-4
    I don’t remember seeing Aquarion or Suzuka up for this run through…
    The rest is either stuff I know has been going up, stuff I didn’t pay attention to cause I had no interest or [again] stuff I didn’t pay attention to because it’s platinum

  6. Nashville, TN


    Romeo & Juliet Ep. 3 & 4
    Buso Renkin Ep. 24 & 25
    Kenichi Ep. 6 – 12
    Negima? Ep. 1

  7. Merrimack, NH

    Busou Renkin eps 24 & 25

    The only ones I noticed, although I don’t follow every series on VOD.

  8. Tucker GA
    Romeo x Juliet 3-4 and Kenichi 6-12 Negima? Ep. 1

  9. Pittsburgh, PA
    Romeo x Juliet eps 3-4 and Kenichi eps 6-12 are missing.

  10. Scranton, PA

    Missing Kenichi 6-12

  11. Oops…

    Same Christina F. from the 5th response…
    Lincoln, DE

    Kenichi S1 6-12 are missing

  12. Orange, VA

    Still missing Romeo x Juliet 3-4 and Kenichi 6-12.
    Seems that Romeo x Juliet 5-6 expire this week so in order to see 3-4 in time to watch those, I’ll just have to go download them.

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