VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (7/2)

Its sunny out here in LA-LA Land. I just pulled open the curtains to see how it looks outside — in my boy shorts. 😛 That was very Strike Witches-esque of me. Yeah, I’m waging a solitary war against pants in my hotel room right now. 🙂 Thankfully no one seemed to have noticed from the street. Otherwise, I would’ve heard some fender-bender crash. No one would want that!

We have some refreshes today on Comcast VOD. Because it is July 4th weekend and it is AX, some of the newer titles that were scheduled to air today have been pushed for next week. If you see an empty folder on your PPV VOD, just disregard it. Gremlins had interfered with the system.

Here’s a list of what’s up on Comcast VOD:

Note to California viewers – If you are attending Anime Expo, stop by the FUNimation booth and fill out the channel request form. You will also get a chance to win a $250 anime prize pack. Free to enter. Plus you are helping with our campaign to expand the channel. BTW – the campaign is working. Our meetings with cable providers such as Time Warner Cable is gaining momentum — all because of this campaign. You are getting heard. Let’s keep this going! Not at AX? You can still get in on the action by going to the Get FUNimation Channel site.

I’ll be live-Tweeting at the con today and tomorrow. If you are cosplaying and look so awesome that you cause traffic in the aisles – look for “FUNiChan” and I’ll take a pic of you in your outfit and share on the channel’s Twitter site. Cosplaying as a group? Sure – I’ll post a pic of you and the gang. Its all about you guys this weekend. How will you know you found “FUNiChan”? Ummm, let’s see…I’m wearing pants at the show… 😛

To see what’s airing now on the linear channel, go to the channel’s programming grid at the jump.

*Programming Disclaimer: Programming is subject to change at any time and without notice.


2 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (7/2)”

  1. There are definitely some gremlins in the Comcast VOD system… Last week We had Monster 15-17, and this week it went to 20 skipping eps 18 and 19.

    Jubei Chan is the same… Last week ep 5 was up, and now 9-12 are up with no trace of 6, 7, and 8.

    Do you guys handle that or is it something that I’d have to take up with Comcast(South)?

    • When its a tech glitch, then its Comcast. Please send an email to info at funimationchannel.com and provide your city, state and zip code where you receive Comcast service and briefly explain the issue. I’ll have Comcast’s technical look into it. Thanks.

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