VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (6/25)

We made it to the end of the month. Can you believe this year is half-way through? Where did those days go? On another note, next week is Anime Expo. This show is your big chance to get heard by your satellite and digital cable providers. To be a part of the movement to expand the 24/7 channel, stop by the FUNimation booth in the exhibit hall and fill out the channel request cards onsite. Not attending the show? No problem. Just go to the Get FUNimation Channel site and fill out your request there. Follow the channel on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates from the channel. I’ll be live-Tweeting at the show. You might want to pay attention to some of our tweets at the con. 😉

Its a light refresh day on VOD. Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD:

  • Case Closed ep 86
  • Honey and Clover ep 04
  • Nana ep 13
  • Suzuka ep 03
  • Suzuka ep 04
  • Baccano! ep 04
  • Buso Renkin eps 18 – 19
  • Monster eps 18 – 19
  • Bamboo Blade eps 08-09
  • Escaflowne eps 07-08

And to find out what’s currently playing on FUNimation Channel linear, jump to the online grid.

Have you seen those show re-caps on VOD hosted by the folks at Anime TV? What do you think of them?

See you at Anime Expo!


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