VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (6/11)

Hey folks! So lots of exciting things are happening with the channel. We just welcomed a new affiliate sales person for the East Coast. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means we have someone talking and negotiating with cable companies along the Eastern region. It also means we’re growing one team member at a time. Most importantly, our Get FUNimation Channel campaign is making great progress. Keep them coming! The more you spread the word about our march to launch the 24/7 channel in your city, the better. You count in our meetings. Have your friends fill out the request online.

What’s new this week on Comcast VOD:

FUNimation Platinum – Transactional (PPV VOD)

FUNimation Free – (Free VOD)

FUNimation Channel will have a presence at upcoming anime conventions. We’re still finalizing plans but we do know that I will be at NJ’s AnimeNext and Anime Expo in LA. We will have plenty of registration cards for many con goers to fill out. This is the Tri-State and SoCal areas chance to launch FUNimation Channel linear on other systems. Spread the word. Mention the channel attending the shows. If you are attending either one of these shows, I highly advise that you follow the channel on Twitter. At the cons, the channel will have on-site activities.

To see the latest on what’s on the linear channel, jump to the FUNimation Channel site.

To get up-to-date news and status about the channel’s progress, follow the channel on .
We are also on Facebook FUNimation Channel

Promote Your Page Too

The channel will have lots more news to share in the coming weeks. Question of the week: If you could upload a video clip to tell your cable and satellite operator to carry FUNimation Channel, would you do it? How would you present your message to get FUNimation Channel? Leave comments below or Tweet with the hastag #GetFUNimationChannel to share your thoughts about it.

It’s the start of the World Cup! Let’s go [insert your favorite team here]!


One comment on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (6/11)”

  1. As I have mentioned before I am going to be at Anime Next weekend and would love do whatever I can to get the channel on in the area.

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