What Time is it? It's GET FUNIMATION CHANNEL Time!!!!

By: FUNimation Channel

May 28 2010


Category: funimation channel, Giveaways


This Summer season, the channel will make several announcements related to the expansion of the linear service. We’ve got our sights set on some cities and discussions are ongoing with cable and satellite providers. But how can you – the anime viewer – participate in our march to expansion? It is really simple and at the same time, you might win an awesome prize.

What can you win? How about a 42″ Panasonic HDTV set? Or a fabulous Blu-Ray/DVD prize pack worth $250?

How do you enter to win? You basically sign up our Get FUNimation Channel form and tell us the cable or satellite provider that currently services your home. This is our way of turning your “Get me FUNimation Channel!” into something that the suits at the C-Level cable or satellite company can understand.

Think of it as making a huge difference while also entering for a chance to win a sweet prize. I mean, seriously how good are you going to feel when you know that the channel launches in your area? You can proudly tell your friends and family, “I did that. I made a difference.”

So what are you waiting for? Let’s GO!!!!!!


11 comments on “What Time is it? It's GET FUNIMATION CHANNEL Time!!!!”

  1. I enter it but really just in hope to get Funimation channel on Cablevision. 🙂 I have a friend who has it and I am jealous. Not really interested in that tv either way but that dvd/blu-ray prize pack sounds interesting.

  2. Link for GetFUNichan is messed up D:

    Anyway, I’ve submitted multiple requests to DirecTV to get it… still nothing. Would really be awesome to see… especially if yall get FUNiHD up and going sometime soon.

  3. Still nothing for Canada, eh?

  4. @Mohji
    Most of the US still has nothing. I’m sure if they ever get it to catch on in the US, it will surely head north 😮

  5. I’ll try the form but I expect no joy. I feel like the Trix bunny.

  6. I would love to get the FUNi channel then again I buy all the animes I want to see. The money I save from not getting cable or satellite is the money I use for the animes.

    El Cazador De La Bruja, Murder Princess, & Strain I would have never bought if it wasn’t for the online player.
    For El Cazador De La Bruja it was the Hey, Nice Package that got me to watch it on the online player.

  7. Don’t care about TV or free DVDs just give me the channel….. I use Knology they have like 5 channels not being used. I mean seriously they just skip over to the next available channel.

  8. If you ask me you should be looking into putting you channel to England, where there is no channel devoted to anime, and a small handful that play the odd anime show such as pokemon – thats it. No competition and the entirity of England is missing out on anime

  9. Since Revelation Films, is droping/being dropped in the UK, i hope some thing can be done to get us a decent source of anime, I would even pay for a Internet broadcast 24/7 channel, as Adam says, we have nothing in the UK (england)

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