VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (5/21)

The month is almost over :(. But Summer is literally around the corner. 🙂
And to our friends in Canada – Monday the 24th is Victoria Day! My fave holiday. Why? BEER! In Canada, they call a case of beer “two-four” and since the holiday is commonly called May Two-Four or May Long Weekend, it also means lots of beer will be bought and consumed. I’ll also take this moment to say please drink responsibly – no matter what the holiday. How will you celebrate the day our fine neighbors in the North?

Switching gears, FUNimation Channel now has an *Official* Facebook Page. Better late then never! Go ahead and “Like” it and share that love to other Facebook mates. Just jump to http://www.facebook.com/FUNimationChannel.

Our compadres over at FUNimation Entertainment has added a tab on their Facebook page that allows you to request FUNimation Channel to be carried by your service provider. Go ahead. You do make a difference.

Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD this week:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge –> FUNimation Anime –> FUNimation Free

And for the latest on what’s on linear, head over to FUNimation Channel’s site and jump to Show Schedule. Highlights this month are Nabari No Ou and El Cazador De La Bruja.

Stay tuned for more news and updates. We think you’ll be pleased. 😛


6 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (5/21)”

  1. I unfortunately have to work the entire long weekend 😥 , but I think after work on Monday I will start a FMA original series marathon to celebrate Brotherhood’s dvd release on Tuesday! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. I love Jubei-Chan, it never gets old with me!

  3. Here is a suggestion from Lance “That FUNimation Guy” Heiskell about requesting the FUNimation Channel:

    If you want the FUNimation Channel for your home…

    all you need to do is request it.

    Step 1. Call Cable/Dish Operator
    Step 2. Ask for Customer Service Rep
    Step 3. Explain to them that FUNimation Channel is a 24 hour anime channel
    Step 4. Let them know you would keep with them or switch providers to receive the channel.


    Send note in your next cable bill

    Fill out customer service forms on Cable/Dish websites

    Go to Cable office and ask in person!
    Better yet…bring them baked goods every week until they add the channel.

    That’s the best way to let the cable/dish companies know you want the channel. They file these requests and send them to the corporate offices for review.

    Here is another suggestion from UncleChewie from the FUNimation forum:

    Drop to a basic tier of service or drop your television service completely and when asked why, say it is because they don’t carry the FUNimation Channel.

    And more suggestions made by me:

    1) Make requests to your cable/dish provider at least once a week
    2) Ask your family and friends to request the channel from their television service provider on your behalf
    3) Call other Cable and Satellite service providers in your area and tell them if they add the FUNimation Channel to their line-up, you would gladly switch to them to receive the channel

  4. Thank You for showing that northern love :nyu:
    and yep! we do love our beer up here. I’ll be sure to raise a glass for you guys.

  5. glad to see an facebook group for the FUNi channel. ^^ I already putted it as like. xD
    BTW, have you guys even started the ‘HD’ channel version of the channel? I mean that, the channel is already in Verizon (on their Extreme pack) but there’s no HD version on FIOS. I’m guessing that it will premiere soon or something.
    Anyways, good luck into requesting the FUNi channel, guys. ^^ If DirecTV wants to be #1 on HD satellite service, then they’ll need the FUni channel HD. xD

  6. I would like to see a new season of AH! MY GODDESS to came to shelves please it has been my most favorite show and I have been waiting for so long to see it happen.

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