VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/30)

Its the last day of the month and May is literally around the corner. Got any plans for the weekend? I’ll be running in the Long Branch Half-Marathon this Sunday. The weather should be nice by race day. And its the start of Golden Week in Japan. What is Golden Week, you ask? Clicky here for the quick explanation of the holiday only Japan can pull off. I mean four national holidays celebrated within seven days. Talk about efficient.

Tomorrow – May 1st – is the one year anniversary of the launch of FUNimation Anime on Comcast VOD. Whoo hoo! Feel free to comment below on favorite shows you have seen or shows you want to see return. The channel has lots of plans this summer so stay tuned to the blog.

And a reminder, May 1st is the memorial service for Carl Macek. Please visit Robotech dot com‘s site for additional details. They were kind enough to post a message I sent them offering my personal condolences to the company and his family. His contribution to the anime industry was immense. I hope that the new generation of anime viewers will one day appreciate the passion and fervor that Carl displayed throughout his career in the industry. If you can’t attend the memorial service and would like to help the family in their time of need, you can visit Carl’s site and donate what you can.

And now for some of those VOD updates on Comcast:

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Platinum (PPV VOD)

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Free (Free VOD)

And for the latest on what’s up on linear, go to funimation channel dot com slash schedule after the jump.

One last thing to mention to new viewers starting to catch the offering on Comcast – about 90% of the anime titles offered under Funimation Anime are FREE. The other 10% are PPV VOD.

*Programming Disclaimer: Scheduling is subject to change without notice at any time.


3 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/30)”

  1. Um I’m confused. Are you guys going to start with Kenichi episode 1? Just asking because you started off at a wierd episode number. Also, will we be getting tsubasa resevoir chronicles episodes coming back soon?

    • @Justin – We aired season one of Kenichi a year ago on the PPV VOD service. We ended up airing season 2 – which started with ep 27 – on the Free VOD service since the title was already released on DVD.
      We will re-run the series from season 1 once we’re done with season 2.
      And regarding Tsubasa Chronicle – that never got removed. In fact, season 2 started airing April 2nd. Has your menu not updated recently? Let me know and I will have Comcast’s tech look into it. Thanks.

  2. Yeah I only 4 episodes of season 2. I was waiting for more, but they never showed.

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