VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/23)

So yesterday was Earth Day. It was also the funeral of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren. So you either observed the day in chaos and mayhem (in honor of McLaren) or you observed it by conserving energy, recycling your co-mingled trash or walked somewhere instead of driving. Or, you spent the day reading those amusing Twitter hashtag posts of #animeconprotip. Will it become a trending tweet? We shall see.

Here are the Comcast VOD updates for the week:

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Platinum (PPV VOD)

On Demand –> The Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Free (Free VOD)

Its a light refresh week. Next month is the VOD channel’s one year anniversary since its launch on Comcast. To celebrate we will unveil the new promotion behind the “Get The FUNimation Channel” campaign. Also, we are going to air sneak peek episodes of One Piece Seventh Voyage on PPV VOD in May. One Piece back on TV – YAY!

If you want to know what’s currently airing on the linear channel, go ahead and check out the schedule online after the jump. Programming is subject to change without notice.

And now for something completely different… Have you gone to UNIQLO‘s site recently? Guess what? Those Toei t-shirts I mentioned back in January? They are in the US now and selling like hot cakes (of course). They can’t seem to expand these stores fast enough in the US. In Tokyo however, they have recently opened new stores in Shibuya and one, I think, in Odaiba. And remember, these t-shirts aren’t sold everywhere. So designs are really unique according to country/city/territory. So what I bought in Tokyo back in February you won’t find in NYC’s SoHo store.

They even have this fun interactive mash-up where you can integrate your Twitter feed into UNIQLO’s movie. Pretty cool. Check mine out.

Remember – like the 2010 US Census, you make a difference in getting The FUNimation Channel linear service launched on your cable or satellite system. Only you – the viewer/fan – can make this happen. We are half-way there. They (your cable  or satellite operator) just need to hear YOU. Check out my post from last week on how to tweet Comcast and others and letting them know you want The FUNimation Channel linear in your programming lineup. Get Heard! Be Counted!


8 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/23)”

  1. So… None of you people over at FUNi found out that a true hero of “bringing anime into the US,” Carl Macek, DIED from a heart attack this week?

    I mean… WOW! Let’s take a moment of silence to think about it:

    If there was no Carl Macek, then there would BE NO FUNimation. Nor a so-called “anime leader.” 😐

  2. @Tyrenol

    I think you need to get your eyes checked. It was on Funi’s twitter the day it happened. I’m sure Carl would not be happy that you are trying to cause drama with a anime company using his name.

  3. @ Maiku:

    1: I don’t use Twitter.
    2: There’s a difference between “causing drama” and “thinking out loud over what might appear to be ‘the running over of a dead body.'”

    And people still wonder why I have issues with the anime fanbase in general. With replies like these…

  4. @Tyrenol

    Not using Twitter isn’t even a excuse. There is a twitter feed right on the side of this blog that you DO use. If you seem to care so much are Mr. Macek’s passing then you would have no doubt noticed his name on the Twitter feed on the side of the blog. Something that I myself saw out of the corner of my eye and was how I found out about his death.

    And I’m sorry thinking out loud in a place where you need to stop, Think and type what you are thinking is BS. You can only think out loud in speech not on a blog or forum.

    If you have such a problem with the anime fanbase why even bother being a part of this blog? If you seem to dislike everyone here as well as Funimation themselves why bother even being active here?

  5. @ Maiku:

    What’s wrong with choosing not to use Twitter? Did we stop having the freedom to choose however we want to get our info when we get on the web? 🙄

    And ask me why I’m part of a blog; because, despite what you believe, I STILL like anime. I like what CAN be done in anime; as oppose to the extra noise and pollutants it creates.

    Hey, I have this amazingly revolutionary theory: Maybe people like me AREN’T you. How ’bout that.

  6. @Tyrenol

    Wow like putting words in peoples mouths much? Never once did I say you didn’t have the freedom to not use Twitter. What I DID say was that you visit this blog that has a Twitter feed IN PLAIN SIGHT right on the side. As I stated if you truly cared so much about Mr Macek’s passing you would have seen his name in this Twitter feed that’s on THIS BLOG that YOU use.

    You like anime do you? Funny because nearly everything Funi licenses or simulcasts you seem to have a problem with(At least as far as the last few comments I have seen you make). Even so that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m fine with that. What I’m NOT fine with is someone who claims to be a fan running around and bashing everything and everyone because of the mind set of “I’m a Fan I can do that because I have that right”

    I am and have been a anime fan for a LONG time and being a part of this blog doesn’t make me any more or any less of a anime fan. I come here to interact with my fellow fans. People that YOU YOURSELF seem to hate or dislike. That alone makes me question you reasons for being here. Want to come here to see whats going on as far as Funi releases and licenses? That’s fine. But if you don’t want to be a constructive part of the community then stay out of the comments and stop causing drama every chance you get.

  7. @Maiku
    There really is no use arguing with him. He’s always right 🙄 .

  8. @jmfsilenthill

    One of those eh? I know the type. I will save the time and just leave this as is.

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