VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/9)

Last week was fun. The folks in Seattle, WA were very nice in welcoming me to their convention. Congratulations again to our $250 Anime Prize Pack winner from the show.  Stay tuned to this blog because in the near future, we will unveil a whole slew of new things for the channel. We will also have a dedicated site for the campaign we launched last week at Sakura-Con. Good times ahead!

A couple things this week on Comcast VOD. We had some delays in receiving some titles over the holidays so some shows are going to extend episodes for an additional week. I blame lots of chocolate for the delay. I’ll note the shows below.

This week on Comcast VOD:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Platinum

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Free

And highlights this month on linear include El Cazador De La Bruja, Monster, Nabari No Ou, Nana and Honey and Clover. For the schedule jump here.

Here are some pics from Sakura-Con. I might be attending C2E2 in Chi-town next week. Still waiting for final confirmation on that. If you are attending, give a shout-out! And keep checking this blog for latest updates on the I Want My FUNimation Channel HD campaign. It will be an all out effort.

Sakura-Con 2010

Don’t let these cosplayers efforts go in vain. Let your cable or satellite operator know that you pay a lot for your service and that adding The FUNimation Channel to your linear lineup will make all your bitterness go away (or at least some of it go away). 😀


8 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/9)”

  1. Not to rain on anybody’s parade… (You can tale a little rain, right?)

    But, as of yet, had any cable or satellite company added the FUNi Channel to their line-up? It would be nice if they did; not that I have cable or satellite. I usually buy anime DVD boxsets.

    Look: I know that everybody’s tired of me talking about this. But this is one of the main reasons why (if it’s true) anime is not as big as everything else and why nearly everyone within the anime industry is “begging” and using under-handed tricks (like Bang Zoom and the people behind Haruhi Suzumiya).

    Just think of how much better off the anime industry would be in the West if the cultural “wussiness of the young guys” didn’t make it into our borders. A LOT of great ideas Japan’s anime industry had; a bit more than in the western culture. All of them stagnated by the growing hikkikomori / NEET culture (which will ruin the industry here in the West as well).

  2. Here is a link with all the TV services that the FUNimation Channel (linear or On-Demand):


  3. Compared to how many TV services total?

    Where’s the FUNi Channel at on the food chain (compared to the competition if you have them)? 8)

  4. *checks on ch.262, again*
    nope, still don’t get it. >_< yeah, I actually do have FIOS tv but I didn't see that the "Prime HD" did not include the FUNi channel. I tried changing from the "Extreme pack" but that will cause lots of problems since I'm stuck for 2 years (or is it one year?) with the FIOS TV's "Prime Packet"
    One of the many reason why some people that have FIOS doesn't get the FUNi channel…

  5. @ FUNi_Channel:

    If it’s all the same, I’d rather keep it here. 8)

    There’s nothing wrong with your campaign. I’m just bitter and fearful that the only type of anime that’ll be licensed are the pro-moe, pro-otaku, anti-shounen types like Haruhi, Clannad, Zetsubou-sensei, on down.

    The last thing I wanted to find out about is all that talk of “variety,” being “beyond the curve,” and all that being one gigantic lie for the sake of ratings and ego-inflating. 😦

    So pardon me.

    • The short answer – and this goes to anyone who may also feel the same way as Tyrenol – is no the channel will not be a pro-moe, pro-otaku channel with bland programming that turns off the rest of the viewing public. Since our programming partner is FUNimation Entertainment, so far the channel has programmed a good deal of shounen titles with sprinkles of shojo titles. We may not please every one with all the titles that go on air. But we hope to please most viewers so they can return and continue watching our other shows.
      As the channel grows and enters more subscriber homes, we will continue programming the channel the best way possible on linear and VOD.

      In order for the channel to grow and reach the next level – we need viewers to support the channel any way possible. That means emailing or calling your cable or satellite customer service rep and letting them know that you WANT The FUNimation Channel added to your programming package. Let them know that you are willing to go to another provider who currently offers the channel – which happens to be Verizon FiOS at the moment.

      Do we have your support?

  6. @ FUNi_Channel:

    As I said before: It would be nice if they have the FUNi Channel. And it seems like your efforts have paid off.

    It’s just that I’m one of those anime hobbyists who don’t make enough money to spend on cable and satellite. (I have a well-paying job, TYVM.) I’d rather spend money on DVD boxsets because, in most cases, I can watch anime without the lot of the censorship and mess that goes along with viewing something on cable and satellite.

    As with your short answer, thanks. And keep up the good work.

    But hey: You know how you can really get my support? When FUNi stops popping these “Before The Season Ends Or Even Starts” “surprise licensing” stunts. How it should work is by measuring the level of interest on titles before licensing them. That way; people can spend less time “whining round-a-bout-ly” on “flops” like Big Windup. 😦

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