VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/2)

I made it out of the rainy East Coast to arrive at a rainy Northwest Coast. Oh irony. And I’m hearing there’s a wind advisory today in the Puget Sound area of Seattle, WA. Challenging for cosplayers today who are attending Sakura-Con, I’m sure. Its my first time visiting Seattle and first time attending Sakura-Con. I’ll be at the FUNimation booth today and Saturday so stop by. I would love to meet you. ūüėÄ

We are starting a major grassroots marketing push to launch The FUNimation Channel HD linear to more cable and satellite systems in the US. That debuts here at Sakura-Con. We need you guys – your¬†feedback needs to be heard by the cable operators. I’ll explain more at the FUNimation industry panel on Saturday but basically, we have survey cards that we are asking all anime fans and viewers to fill out. Our target is to get¬†thousands of¬†survey cards filled out and delivered to Comcast Seattle to make them understand that The FUNimation Channel HD¬†is a channel that makes a¬†big difference and serves everyone – not just the anime fan – but everyone. What cable systems are telling us in meetings¬†is that they don’t hear or read feedback from enough viewers to have the channel launched¬†linear on Comcast. Let’s make¬†some noise guys.¬†We’re pretty close but we really need viewer support like never before. This is your big chance to make a huge difference and prove that The FUNimation Channel HD is as necessary to you as ESPN HD or HBO HD.

I know that¬†some people think that your emails or calls to your cable or satellite operator doesn’t make a difference. That its basically money that gets a channel launched linear on systems. Actually, it takes both – money and your voices. Fans and viewers DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let’s get this campaign rolling. Let your cable and satellite operators know that “I WANT MY FUNIMATION CHANNEL HD!”.

And now for your VOD updates on Comcast:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> FUNimation Anime¬†Platinum (Transactional VOD)

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

And here are some programming highlights for linear viewers. Thanks to jlaking for pointing out that tomorrow – April 3rd – marks the start of Monster on The FUNimation Channel linear. Its Monster Month on VOD and linear! ūüėÜ

Other highlights include El Cazador De La Bruja,¬†Nabari No Ou and¬†new episodes of ¬†Honey and Clover and Nana. For the latest listings,¬†go visit The FUNimation Channel’s grid at the jump.¬†And programming is subject to change without notice.

Have a Happy Easter weekend and stay dry. Remember, “I WANT MY FUNIMATION CHANNEL HD!”


4 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (4/2)”

  1. I will see, the reason being i only have the basic channels (you know cartoon network, scy fy , disc, etc) about 90 channels. I’ll call soon though and be like “damn it, i want Funi HD, NOW!!!……please?” ūüôā

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to ask for both the linear and HD channels or are you going to suggest picking up the linear as well when/if the cable and satellite operators get FUNimation Channel HD?

  3. I didn’t know that there was a FUNi channel HD. I actually have FIOS now and can’t even get the SD channel! >_< I actually didn't see that the FUNi channel wasn't on the Prime HD packet. not really sure if I can change to another packet :/
    can't wait to see FUNi Channel HD since I have a HD DVR box and an HDTV. ^^

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