VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/26)

Wow! Easter weekend is next week. You know what else is next week? Sakura-Con. Yours truly will be attending. I’d love to meet the folks attending the convention and getting your feedback. I know, unheard of for most or all cable channels to do these days but we tend to be a little different. One thing though, be gentle. I know you guys have a lot of questions and lots of things to say. We’ll try to keep the conversation civil.

Today is a light refresh day on Comcast VOD. Here’s what’s up this week:

On Demand —> The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Free

And last week on the linear service, we started showing El Cazador De La Bruja. Jump here to get the latest TV schedule. And remember, programming is subject to change.

Last week, I meant to post some pics I took when I was in Tokyo last month. Here are some pics I took around Shibuya and Odaiba:

Another Detective Conan movie in theaters

One Piece UFO catcher prizes

And one more:

Awwe! Puppies!


4 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/26)”

  1. Cool Pics 🙂 .

  2. if crane games were that cool in America i would still be playing them…

  3. You forgot to mention that Nabari No Ou will debut March 29th and on April 3rd, Monster debuts along with the return of new episodes of NANA and Honey & Clover on the linear channel.

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