VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/12)

I got a program highlight this month for linear viewers. El Cazador De La Bruja starts airing this month – Monday, 3/22. Jump here for the latest schedule. Its listed at 1 AM eastern.

Today’s refreshes on Comcast VOD are the following:

On Demand –> Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Platinum

On Demand –> Cutting Edge –> Funimation Anime –> Funimation Free

That’s all for the week. I got a couple of pics to share from Tokyo that I’ll post on here later. Gotta skip out. Be good folks!


5 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (3/12)”

  1. Are Hunter X Hunter and Buso Renkin going to return to the linear FUNimination Channel anytime soon?

  2. Awwh I wish there was a Blood Black Brothers season 2?

  3. I have actually seen the FUNimation linear programing via guide. yes, I do have Verizon FIOS now, but I don’t even get the channel. D:
    Reason why: I have the Prime HD thing with Verizon and didn’t even know that it did not came with the FUNi channel. =(

  4. Just picked up Eva 1.11 on bluray. I’m sad that the original credits weren’t at least included as an alternate angle as they are a bit more fancy than white text. I’d imagine it’s something too trivial to be fixed for this release, but please pass this on for the release of the second film. Everything else was ace! Thanks!

  5. i wish there was a solty rei season 2…..

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