VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (2/26)

By: FUNimation Channel

Feb 26 2010

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Camera:VLUU NV10, NV10

I’m in a hotel room in Ariake, Odaiba the man-made island in Tokyo, Japan. What am I doing here? I wanted to escape the blizzard that hit the NYC area Thursday and made it out just in time. But the real reason is my participation in the Tokyo Marathon. Just spending a weekend in Tokyo and racing my butt off. Its warm here too. Above the 50s F. Warm considering what parts of the US is experiencing.

Its a light day for refreshes so I’ll make this brief. Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD:

FUNimation Anime Platinum

  • D. Gray-man ep 48

FUNimation Anime Free

  • Case Closed ep 63
  • Negima! ep 23
  • Shuffle! ep 23
  • Solty Rei ep 21
  • Buso Renkin eps 01-03
  • Black Blood Brothers eps 01-03
  • Gundam SEED Destiny eps 37-38

*Scheduling is subject to change without notice

I won’t be able to link sites from FUNimation dot com to the titles above because of geo-filtering in Japan. But you can always visit the site at funimation dot com and just go to the “Our Shows” tab (if you’re not living in a geo-filtered country, that is).

Want to know what’s airing this week and next on The FUNimation Channel? Jump here for the schedule.

I’m watching some show on NHK where a Japanese guy walks around an Italian city and turns his walk-thru into a video diary. Now I just changed the channel and the anime “Primo Passo” is on. It looks so dreamy. One of the male characters has like purple, flowing dreamy hair.  Its one of those music school dramas isn’t it? Slice of life dramas.

Before I go to bed (its 11 at night now Friday night), I’m going to post this pic I just took in my room.


10 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (2/26)”

  1. Good luck in your run. Try passing some of the warmer weather back state side. Who would have thought steam would make a fire alarm go off. Never had that happen to me before.

  2. Good luck with the run! Send some of that “global warming” our way, Georgia isn’t used to the cold we’ve had lately. (And DC? Let them freeze.)

    And what the heck is up with that fire alarm? Steam makes it go off? Strange.

    Enjoy yourself!

  3. What happened Funi? Sentai just got hell girl season 2?!? Please Rojas explain what is going on with Funi? Atleast lsit the animes that are not going to continue the series like some of your rescued titles. I mean its been a year and a half, just tell us the possibility of Funi on releasing When they cry and shakugen no shana 2 and other titles that fans have been asking about for years now. Please Rojas atleast list anime that have no chance of being continued and the ones that have a chance on being continued.

  4. I sypathise with you mckg but I doubt they can release a list like that. It’d be nice though, a good thought, but probably impossible. *sigh*

  5. Sentai getting Hell Girl 2 is more them either trying to get one up on Funimation or listening to fans wanting the series for ages now, with that being said Sentai could probably afford this series as it most likely won’t be dubbed. Just a shame we won’t be hearing Brina as Ai again.

  6. @DragonO
    Yea, I know. I can dream can’t I lol. Man if there was a list like that, people would complain alot less. *sigh* Well I guess the only think we can do is support the anime we like and hope it gets the rest of its series released in NA. Thxs Dragono for replying to my weird comment.

  7. Sentai also got Eyeshield 21 which could be a good sign that they may get other unfinished Viz titles.

    As for the Appleseed re-dub, why waste time with that when they released Geneon’s dub on their DVD re-release?

  8. @MCKG1
    No thaks required. I feel the same way. I supose haveing a list of known anime to be licened or never licenced ruins the suprise. Oh well, we’ll just have to keep dreaming and hope our voices get heard soon on some of these matters.

  9. Since we’re on the subject of Hell Girl still, been looking around on various forums and the general opinion is more of disappointment from those who watch the sub but like the dub too. And dub lovers are naturally upset because the dub of S1 was excellent. And sub fans, well they watch subbed anyway.

  10. $!@$#!! Yet again, Atlanta’s VOD update didn’t come through. Of the list above, we have only Black Blood Brothers episode 3 no other episodes were added.

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