VOD Fridays – The FUNimation Channel (2/19)

We made it to the end of the week. I hope you guys are squeezing in some anime viewing between some Winter Olympic viewing.

Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD:

Note: Starting March you can find movie titles under the following folders on Comcast’s VOD menu –

  • Movies —> By Genre —> Anime
  • Movies —> By Title (A to Z)
  • Movies —> By Genre —> Animation

This is in addition to  The Cutting Edge —> Funimation Anime —> Funimation Platinum —> Specials

Next week, we’ll start running Buso Renkin and Black Blood Brothers under FUNimation Free. Woot!For the latest linear schedule, jump here.What did you guys think of Evangelion 1.11 that debuted last Friday on Comcast VOD?

*Programming Disclaimer: Scheduling is subject to change without notice at any time.


3 comments on “VOD Fridays – The FUNimation Channel (2/19)”

  1. Hey. If you bought the DVD boxsets; you wouldn’t have to suffer through the haphazardness of VODs and such.

    But hey. “Anime is an expensive hobby for broke people.” 😕

  2. What about Pani Poni dash! on Episode 5-26 on dub!??

  3. The girl in the Buso Renkin pic is hot :bloody: Can’t wait to start watching and Tyrenol some people like me like trying out anime before buying it. If it wasn’t for VOD, I would not have boughten Tower Of Druaga and Dragonaut.

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