"Akihabara Majokko Princess" aka That video directed by McG featuring a cosplaying Kirsten Dunst

The folks over at Company 3 finally posted that talked about video from last year. Every curious otaku worldwide wanted to see the video but only got clips or screengrabs from the video.

Well, the wait is over. The video is hot. And there is a very brief Dunst panty shot <— note the double entendre there. 🙂

Thanks Studio Daily and Company 3 for this share of the week!

P.S. the video loads slooowly. So let it load before playing.

One more note – some of the scenes are NSFW. Posters of maid girls with their headlights exposed could make some folks go 😮


26 comments on “"Akihabara Majokko Princess" aka That video directed by McG featuring a cosplaying Kirsten Dunst”

  1. Awesome, I was wondering when this would get finished. You should add that a few of the images in the video are not safe for work though.

  2. I laughed, and I smiled when I saw Haruhi and DBZ…

    …and then I facepalmed whenever a pic of a woman with GGG boobs came up in the background.

  3. Brief! Heh heh heh. Double entendres rarely get past me. And yeah, vid loads slower than molasses in the recent DC winter.

  4. […] nicht, aber einen Downloadlink (Flash Video ~125MB) könnte ich euch anbieten… [via FUNimation] Tags: akihabara, Akihabara Majokko Princess, cosplay, Japan, Kirsten Dunst, mcg, Panty, […]

  5. I hope they paid Miss Dunst a pretty penny to humiliate herself like this.

    Well, I guess it’s no more embarrassing than Spider-Man 3.

    Still, a pretty fun video.

  6. The link won’t work for me.

  7. Definately 😮
    And yeah a slow upload but it actually wasn’t that bad.

  8. :bloody: :bloody: :bloody:

  9. She’s cute!!!^_-

  10. Lol, the video was funny. Well atleast we know that she wants to turn into Japanese. Firts step, speak Japanese 😉 . Then you should be fine. So she “thinks” .

  11. @ FUNimation_Channel: Oh yes, very worth it!

    Kirsten Dunst was always damn sexy but I think that vid just made her jump into the moe zone. (And I wonder what she thought of some of that NSFW imagery.)

  12. I love the image on the wall behind Kirsten Dunst at playtime 2:40 :bloody:

  13. I loved the footage of the area personaly. Its interesting to see how big anime is over there.

  14. wait… why is she doing this? Promoting Akihabara?! 😮 Or is she really turning Japanese? :X ha!

  15. To me it seems like 2 people trying to appeal to a demographic they really don’t understand.

    It seems people are getting a kick out of the fact that they are seeing so many anime related things and that is a given in a place like Akiba.

    I Highly doubt either McG nor Dunst even understand the people they are trying to appeal to with this video and that makes me dismiss it completely.

    • @Maiku – you should read about the backstory of why the video was produced by Takashi Murakami with the collaboration of McG. The video was done with Murakami’s blessing – and he made an appearance at the end of the video w/Kirsten Dunst (he was the guy in that ball thingamajig) before Dunst used her “magical wand” to make him go *poof*.

  16. […] 4: Orginal-Video Turning Japanese von The Vapors …via via via via… Comments […]

  17. What was the reason that they made the video?

  18. @above.

    That’s not really much of a backstory. It was created for some art exhibit(which almost dooms it to being bad as most modern art sucks). The only reason McG and Murakami even worked on it is because it seems they both had the same manager.

    Dunst seems to appear because she says she liked Sailor moon(and what little girl didn’t?) and she played the voice of a character in ONE anime film.

    I can’t stand crap like this. Because when people in the mainstream see this(because of the names attached to it they most likely will at some point) It gives the wrong idea of what Otaku and anime fans are about and it’s annoying.

  19. @Maiku
    So out of this whole thing there was nothing good about it at all? Hmm interesting thought I guess. But I dissagree. Regardless to resone they made this it was still intersting. And by the thoughts of others who have left a comment, I’d say they think so too. I think your taking this too harshly.

  20. @ Maiku

    I agree with you, the images of maid girls with their headlights exposed just makes anime fans look like pervs.

    LoL I just found it on Youtube, I wonder how long it would last on there with the images of maid girls in it.

  21. @Dragon0

    As I said people seem to be getting a kick out of the video because of the fact they see something in the background they recognize.

    That wasn’t due to the creativity of the makers of the video. It was due to the fact that the video itself was shot in Akiba and there is a reason Akiba is referred to by many as the Otaku promised land. It really is like that.

    This isn’t the only site I have seen this video on. Most of the other places(Not counting youtube as I have not checked there) Don’t care and think it’s a bad thing because of the way it makes anime fans in general look.

    Think of it this way. would YOU show this video to someone who had NO idea what anime was? I highly doubt it.

  22. @ Maiku
    Would I show it? Actually I would. In retrospec it no diffrent than many of the other so called music videos out their from any other artist. Myself being one of these otaku you mention don’t get a kick out of this simply for seeing something in it I recognise. “Otaku Promised Land” or not I liked it to see just how big a deal it is. To me its more about the aniem I haven’t seen yet that they have their thats most appealing. Your just being too uptight about this.

  23. @ Maiku


    Here is a good thing to show. lol

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