*Update – VOD (Comcast)

By: FUNimation Channel

Feb 08 2010

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Hi folks!

Some of you have left comments and messages regarding last week’s post about menu changes that are taking place on Comcast VOD.

Just letting you guys know that Comcast’s operations is looking into those issues and trying to resolve them as quickly as possible. Some sites may have experienced refresh issues last week. Cities that were affected were:

Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Nashville, TN
Burlington, VT

The issue is the system that is supposed to receive new content – or as they say the catcher system – is not properly receiving new content.

Comcast has already issued trouble tickets for those sites. If you are a Comcast VOD customer and have noticed missing content since 2/5 and your city was not listed above, please send an email to info at funimationchannel dot com and list your city, zip code and briefly explain the issue.


3 comments on “*Update – VOD (Comcast)”

  1. Yes, Ive had no vod menu of the funimation anime for about 2 days and I would like this problem to be resolved.

    Fall River, MA 02720

  2. Thank You very much! ^_^
    Now I can watch Shuffle, Negima, and Black Cat again:]

  3. It only has a few of the old anime on it… St. Charles, IL, 20175

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