VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/15)

This week seemed to have flown by. My inbox this morning offered some great news regarding Toei brands that will be available as uber cool graphic tees by the uber cool clothier UNIQLO this Spring. I love that store. The news was from License! Global. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Uniqlo Teams with Toei for Spring Tee Line

Toei Animation has tapped Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel retailer, to roll out a line of Dragon Ball T-shirts and more this spring.

Besides Dragon Ball, the T-shirt range from Uniqlo will feature other Toei anime properties, including One Piece, Galaxy Express 999, Dr Slump and Saint Seiya. The line will be available at Uniqlo stores in France, Russia, the U.K., the U.S., Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Korea.


So far in my UNIQLO graphic tees collection I have Gatchaman and GTO. Can’t wait to grab me some Toei brands and add them to my collection. Even Saint Seiya gets a tee. As long as its not branded Knights of the Zodiac I think we’re good. 🙂  I realllly hope there’s a range of graphic tees from Sailor Moon. That would be EPIC! You have no idea how excited I am about this… I’m already thinking about adding One Piece, Galaxy Express 999 and Fist of the North Star to my wardrobe too. :bloody:

Alright, and now for those VOD updates on Comcast On Demand:

Cutting Edge —-> FUNimation Anime

And for linear viewers, jump here for the latest grid info.

Last week I dropped in a few hints about a movie we are going to premiere first on Comcast VOD in February. A couple of you were kinda close but didn’t hit the correct version release. So here’s another hint and it should be very obvious at this point. The movie is currently on pre-sale right now and will release in Blu-Rei 😉 I kinda gave it away there. So yeah, we’re going to premiere the movie on Comcast VOD in February.


10 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/15)”

  1. No Pretty Cure tees? Very disappointing! 😕

    “still waiting for Discotek’s release date for the first Fist Of The North Star box set” 😡

    • @ NJ_
      Actually, Rojas doesn’t post as FUNimation Channel. Two completely separate people.
      And about the other tees – we don’t really know what range of brands are going to be available since this is an announcement from UNIQLO and Toei – not FUNimation. So we’ll all wait and see.

  2. @FUNimation_Channel

    I didn’t check who posted this blog before posting my comment so i was lucky to edit that out after i did check which was before you replied.

    And i know the tees has nothing to do with FUNi but it’s still disappointing that you didn’t bring up Pretty Cure with the other Toei properties mentioned but that’s just me being nitpicky so whatever.

  3. I looked and only found one Uniqlo store in the U.S.

    The Uniqlo tunes was a surprise when I looked at the blog. I was wondering were the music was coming from.

  4. Hopefully other brands will be made as well.

  5. Frick yes moar One Piece shirts!

  6. Wow it’s in New York? Talk about Ironic! I thought this place would be somewhere in the west coast since there’s only 1 store in the states. 😆

  7. Only one store?! Please tell me theres a mail order we can use. I would give my eternal soul (im not even kidding) to see more Sailor Moon stuff put out

  8. Wow the music was annoying.

    annoyed the hell out of me trying to figure out how to get it to stop.

  9. Nice new OP shirts to be the only store is in NY city. Anyway I was the first to guess on which movie it was going to be and just so you guys know I bet it is 1.11!

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