VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/8)

It is cold out there! If you are living in a very warm climate, give a shout-out and send us some of your warmth. 🙂

And now for the list of shows on Comcast VOD:

Cutting Edge —> FUNimation Anime

And for the latest on when your favorite anime titles airs on the linear channel, jump here for the grid. I’ve seen some comments from viewers asking what channel number the linear channel is on Verizon FiOS. Channel 262. You can play that as a lottery number if you like. But that is the channel number.

I think I’m allowed to give you some clues as to what new shows will go up on VOD in the future. Next month, we’ll air a movie and its a giant robot movie. That’s clue one. Clue two… the heroes are kids. That’s all for now! I’m sure you can figure out what movie we’ll unveil in February from those two clues. 😉


12 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/8)”

  1. Is it Envangelion 1.01?

  2. “Is it Envangelion 1.01”
    I think it might be but then again there are a few movies with robots and kids.

  3. Bring back the FUNimation Channel to C-Band.

    • @jlaking – About the C-Band, that was never a permanent place for the channel. It was the first step to getting the channel picked up by other cable and satellite operators. Plus, where costs are concerned keeping C-Band operational to a few viewers didn’t make sense where the cost of equipment and maintenance is concerned. So in order for the channel to expand, we need to focus our resources in places where there are a lot of viewers and it made sense for us to invest in expanding on other systems.

  4. a shout out from the warm climate!!!
    please take some of our heat…it gets to 100F here in West Australia

  5. @MidnightJinx – Blimey! You guys are hot! Literally! 🙂

  6. @MidnightJinx
    I’ll take some of that heat. It 20 degF where I’m at with ~3in of snow.

    not specific enough clues Funi. their are alot of show with giant robots and kids. Can we get a clue that limits our choices a bit better.

  7. @Dragon0 – Mr. Heiskell just posted something about it being a hot pre-order :0

    Yeah – That’s right – next month on Comcast VOD. Yeah!

  8. *puts on thinking cap* ouch!! its too cold here for brain to function properly. I’ll have to check upcomng shows now won’t I you cheeky devils. :sorry:

  9. Sweet. The Imagawa Tetsujin 28 animation movie will be released state-side. Evangelion wankers need not apply!

  10. It was revealed on FUNimation Channel’s site…

    Evangelion 1.11

    OMFG! xD

  11. Do you have the list for upcoming anime for Buckeye on VOD?

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