VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/1/2010)


We’ve made it out of the 2000s decade. Now its full steam ahead into a new decade. The anime industry went through a lot of changes in the last decade; having gone through its ups and its downs. I think the most important thing that happened here in the US was seeing anime becoming more accessible to viewers – whether it was through VOD, streaming or linear. We’re working to continue expanding and this new year we’ll unveil some new features on The FUNimation Channel. Stay tuned…

Here’s a smathering of what’s up today on Comcast On Demand:

Comcast On Demand —–> The Cutting Edge —–> FUNimation Anime

As always, visit The FUNimation Channel‘s site and jump to their Schedule to see when your favorite shows are airing.

Got any anime-related resolutions for the new year? Feel free to post them here and maybe if you say it and write it a lot, you’ll be able to make that goal. 🙂 I resolve to run a little faster and get healthier while watching some anime. 😆


7 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (1/1/2010)”

  1. i’m gonna start watching all the animes i bought that i haven’t watched yet….i have hajime no ippo…they said it’s really good…so i gotta find out….

  2. NOOOooo… Funimation removed off the video player, Strain episodes 3-13 dub.

    My resolution for the new year is to spend less on sub-only animes.

  3. To better get caught up on dvds that I haven’t watched.
    Bug cablevision till they got off there but and put Funimation channel on without taking off that other network. 🙂

  4. Bring back the FUNimation Channel to C-Band.

  5. I was thinking of trying the DTO to buy an anime. Would I have to pay for each episode separately or is there a shopping cart? I think there should be a bundle price for shows that have all the episodes up. Like you can with Amazon’s Video on Demand.

    I am going to try Amazon’s Video on Demand and see how I like it. I have always bought the DVDs, but some animes I want to wait for a blu-ray release like the anime Strain.

  6. You guys should get a channel on Dish network that would be awesome.

  7. You guys should have release Hajime No Ippo on that channel. THAT would be even more awesome.

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