VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/27)

I hope you guys are having a good holiday so far. If you are doing or have returned from your Black Friday shopping, I hope you got the bargains you were aiming for.
I did ok last weekend at the Philadelphia Marathon. I finished in 3hrs and 14min – not under the 3hrs I wanted to finish. But hey, I finished ok and didn’t collapse or anything at the finish line. Some runners actually did collapse from cramping. I did realize that I seem to run better in the cold. I am quite weird that way. 😉

I also want to remind folks that we have an important poll that everyone should participate in. Last week, I posted a poll about subtitled anime and if viewers were interested in watching it on TV during a certain hour of the day.

Here’s the poll again:

Would you watch subtitled anime if it aired during…(polls)

Your input is important as we have several changes planned for the linear channel in 2010. As the channel expands into other markets and cable/satellite systems, we want to make sure that the programming and choices cater to all viewers – dubbed and subbed.

Alright, here are some of the titles refreshing today on Comcast VOD:



Jump here to see when your favorite show airs on the linear channel.

And a reminder to Comcast VOD viewers – both PPV & Free VOD are now under one place: Cutting Edge. If you are still missing shows/titles under FUNimation Anime, please post in the comment section below the following info:

  • Zip code where you get Comcast service
  • Town/City you get Comcast service
  • List of category/shows currently missing on your VOD menu
  • a short, concise description of the issue

Have a good, safe holiday! 😀

PROGRAMMING UPDATE (12/2): The two bonus episodes of Solty Rei – ep 9a and ep 9b – will not air in the US. There was some confusion as to whether these two episodes would ever get sent and the licensors won’t allow the eps to air. Sorry. But, its good to know that there are in fact two bonus episodes (bonus ep 25 & bonus ep 26) floating around on DVD or somewhere. But it sucks that I wasn’t able to air these. 😦


21 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/27)”

  1. What channel is this? The schedule is ok but i didn’t know you guys had a channel i thought it was only at comcast VOD. What channel is that in the “Funimation calendar”? I am talking about the “here” on the linear channel.

  2. I already voted lol, i really don’t care what time its just that i don’t see that much sub, i find my self watching the dub ver of an anime. I guess i like dub more. Don’t get me wrong i still like sub, its just nice to see an anime dub so well. Funi does an awesome job on that(most of the time) lol. I only see sub if there is no dub or the dub is terrible.

  3. I’m not interested in subbed on TV myself but I like the idea of more fans getting what they want.

    “Your input is important as we have several changes planned for the linear channel in 2010. As the channel expands into other markets and cable/satellite systems, we want to make sure that the programming and choices cater to all viewers – dubbed and subbed.”

    May I take it from the underlined and bolded passage that the linear channel will be expanding next year?  Oh, that is good news!  I’d love to have the linear channel on my lineup, it would give me something to watch since CN stopped having good cartoons.

  4. Subs on TV, no thanks.

  5. @Reyes@

    Why not Dude?

  6. I’ll echo what mckg1 said. Subs are great, but if there’s a dub available that doesn’t suck, I’d rather watch the dub.  That said, I have nothing against subs, and still enjoy them a lot.
    btw, the video site and the forums have both been down for the last couple hours (with strange error messages).  Gremlins for Thanksgiving? 😦  Would have reported the video site being down in the forums, but they’re down, too. heh.

  7. i think that if it is avalble in your language watch it i dont care too much for subbed only if the anime isn’t licenced by an american company

  8. @ Mario1-7: I think Reyes is just expressing a general lack of interest personally.  Or perhaps a bit of worry about subs replacing dubs on TV?

    The very fact that Funimation asked this question and that the reply cards in DVD sets no longer ask if you prefer dubs or subs raises an eyebrow or two but I’m not going to freak out yet.  As long as Funimation keeps it’s DVDs and Blu-Rays bilingual, I’ll keep buying things.  TV showings, online streaming, DTO can all have sub-only but I like my physical media bilingual.

  9. Richard, to your post before, unless you have any type of cable/satellite that allows for ‘on demand’ or any like it, you’re screwed. I don’t think it’ll be like CN, which is easily accessed by any cable or satellite. (crap, half my tvs will never be able to watch Funi…D:)

  10. is funi website down? i can’t access it, the forums, or the video website

    the website gives me:
    Error Executing Database Query.
    [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot open database “fun” requested by the login. The login failed.
    the forum:
    Server Error in ‘/’ Application
    the video website redirects me to:
    no matter where i click.

  11. Looks like things are down save for the blog.

  12. Hmm… contacted the IT team just in case they aren’t already on it.  Thanks.

  13. Chicago,IL 60649
    El Cazador 7,8,10-12 all missing
    Fruits Basket 16 missing
    Solty Rei 9a and 9b is just episode 9.

    • @ Saiyuki Goku – Comcast Operations advised me that they are working on those missing El Cazador eps. There seems to be an xml issue and they are currently working on fixing it.
      Fruits Basket ep 16 – I’m still waiting to hear more about that. It was re-pitched to the servers but it won’t update for Chicago & Washington areas because it ends Friday.
      Solty Rei bonus eps – I found out that ep 9 was encoded twice so that didn’t make me happy. So I’m currently trying to get those bonus eps aired. Technically, they never aired in Japan and they are listed as episode 25 & episode 26. They were supposed to fall somewhere between ep 9 & 10 – that’s what I’ve been told from within. So – I’ll let you know when I can re-air those eps. Apparently, the licensors want these eps to not air so I am unable to re-air these.
      Sorry about this.

  14. I live in University Place, WA 98466 and am still missing Fruits Basket 16.  I think everything else is ok. 


  15. None of the videos play – the player gives an error; if I then press play, the ad comes up, after which I again get an error.

  16. hey, FUNi, if you did not know, you guys can put the Japanese audio in Audio2 and then in CC1 signal. wouldn’t everyone then be happy?
    Anyways, I would rather choose to have it in the late night or early morning.
    Hope to see it in DirecTV the channel or at least in the on-demand.

  17. I’d love to answer your poll but I don’t see an option for “Don’t have cable television, sorry.”

  18. Gosh Rojas, wheres the “Appease everyone” option.

  19. Subs, all the time.
    Sure there are a lot of fans of anime who enjoy dubs on tv, but if you look on the interent, subs are way more popular. If you could bring subtitles shows, including ones that are currently airing in Japan (ex. Brotherhood) then I’m positive most sub only fans will subscribe to the Funimation, including myself. (If this channel is ever brought to Canada.)

  20. You know, if Fu-ni’s VOD was available here, I would use it only if there were options to play it subtitled, as your dubs generally are grating on the ears, voices and badly pronounced Japanese names and all. Interest in a series can be killed by forcing people to have to put up with the dub. you have a chance to really hit it big with Spice and Wolf, like including a cute Horo figure? Just a hint.

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