VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/20)

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and I can’t wait to make more pumpkin pies. Mmmm. This weekend, I’ll be running in the Philadelphia Marathon but only running the half – at 13.1 miles. I’m gonna do my best to run in under 3 hrs. The weather should be good – highs in the 60s. It will be unseasonably warm in Philly though so it should be interesting. Last year we ran in cold weather where the low in the morning was something like 21 degrees and by 11Am it went to 40 degrees.  Fun!

In addition, I got accepted to run in the 2010 Tokyo Marathon. Yay! I’ll have a separate post about that since I’ll ask you guys for suggestions on what cosplay items/accessories I should wear during the run. Hehe! 🙂

Ok. Back to reality…As most of you are aware by now, Comcast made some changes to their VOD menu. This was a nationwide thing and some cities went ahead and did the switch before 11/19. Some cities even had issues and shows didn’t seem to appear on the menu.  To viewers who sent me their city info and what shows didn’t appear, a trouble ticket was issued by operations and we’re waiting on those headends to correct their issues. I know that the Seattle/Everett/Spokane Washington area confirmed they have the titles Case Closed eps 40-42 and Fruits Basket eps 15-16 on their server. And I’ll re-air the Solty Rei bonus eps 9a & 9b after the series is done.

And to remind all Comcast VOD viewers – the PPV & Free VOD titles are now under one place:

The Cutting Edge —->FUNimation Anime

And now for today’s VOD updates on Comcast:

As always, for the latest on when your favorite shows are airing on the linear channel, jump here to check out the schedule. I have a poll below and would love to get your feedback on the question – At what part of the day would you watch subtitled anime? The question is basically for linear channel viewers and future linear channel viewers 😉 so be honest with your choice. 🙂

We shall speak soon! Huzzah! 😆

Would you watch subtitled anime if it aired during…(polls)


10 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/20)”

  1. 💡
    How about something like a “Sub-liminal Sunday” or “Sub-liminal Saturday” where on Sunday (or Saturday Evening or primetime, you show the latest and greatest in sub form.

    Just a thought for you’re consideration.

  2. Good luck with your marathon! =D

  3. Any hour, any day is fine with me. However, only if it gets a dub soon after.

  4. I’d say anytime… I’m a proponent of both forms of localization, and figure just about any time is a good time.

  5. Hey Funi allow me to say thanks for everything you do.  Now with that said, now that Comcast has finish changing things around and what not I was wondering why is it still it’s taking forever for them to update the Anime?

    • @ Joe – Thanks!
      As for anime updates, let me know what city and zip code you get your Comcast cable service from and list exactly what issues you have experienced so I can follow it up with Comcast operations.

  6. Well im not a big subtitle fan( i like the Funi Dubs ALOT lol) but probably in the evening. Please keep dubing anime! don’t tell me you guys at funi are going to release sub only releases! lol I know you guys wont let your fans down by doing something like that…… right?:|

  7. Chicago 60649
    El Cazador De La Bruja 7, 8, 10-12
    Fruits Basket 16
    Solty Rei 9a and 9b is just episode 9.

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