VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/13)

So its Friday the 13th and your word of the day is – TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA. I hope you don’t have that condition because that would make your day suck. You know, I just realized there are three words within that word – “risk”, “aid” and of course “phobia”. Its a Greek root word. If you include the Greek pre-fix “tris” I guess you can say the word is made up of four words all smushed into one word to mean this one day. Gotta love the Greeks! Can you tell I’m an etymology freak? Ah, to be an English major.

And now about Spice and Wolf. It’s been pushed to air tomorrow – Saturday. A funny thing happened to one of those eps that operations was hoping to get a replacement in time but it never made it through. Let’s think lovely thoughts and hope this replacement ep is gonna make it through to operations today. Give off good vibes, please. I know its tough, but if we think positive thoughts maybe just maybe all those eps will finally air.  😀

Yesterday I posted about changes to the Comcast VOD menu. Those changes happen next week but some cities have started to switch over and in some cases missing updates and episodes.  Right now, I’m speaking with operations to get an ideal if some of those cities are doing anything about those missing shows. If you noticed a lot of titles missing under The Cutting Edge/FUNimation Anime section, follow the instructions in this post and I’ll try to get some answers from Comcast.

Here’s a list of what’s slated to air today on Comcast VOD:







And for latest eps airing on the linear channel, jump to this link.


3 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (11/13)”

  1. In Latin triskaidekaphobia reads as ‘the fear of three and ten.” Yay for Latin class!
    I send you many good vibes.

  2. In the Kansas City area, all the FUNimation shows that are in “Movies and Events” are also in “The Cutting Edge” when the free shows were slated for “The Cutting Edge”. I know I stated this last week, but I’m just giving FUNi a note.

  3. By the way, 13’s one of my favorite numbers because it’s so infamous. 👿

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