**Comcast VOD Programming Change** (Spice and Wolf)

By: FUNimation Channel

Nov 10 2009

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Sorry to do this again folks, but the Spice and Wolf episodes are being pushed back to Friday, 11/13. I know this is the second pre-emption and FUNimation Channel apologizes for this. The guys at operations are making sure that these eps are good to go and without glitches. We want to make sure that when you view these eps, they are free from audio and video distortion.

Will third time be a charm? I hope so. I really, really hope so. :nyu:


6 comments on “**Comcast VOD Programming Change** (Spice and Wolf)”

  1. Well, better they go up late and without glitches than on time with glitches.

  2. I was actually looking forward to seeing this and speaking of glitches you said that episode 9a of Solty Rei was suppose to be some special episode that never aired in Japan but it was just episode 9 again. What happen there?

  3. well i looked on the tv guide and i cant find it when does it air:?:  i realy wanted to see i heard it got amazing reviws!xD 😛 😉 🙂 😮 😡 😳

  4. oh and i heard that it has the guy from ouran high school host club on there and i realy liked him:mrgreen:

  5. I have seen trailers of spice and wolf and i gatta say i ame very interested in this title. Dont have comcast VOD but will check it out when you guys release one or two episodes on the site.:wink:

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