**Comcast VOD Programming Change** (for 11/6 updates)

By: FUNimation Channel

Nov 05 2009

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I got a quick programming note for this week… Spice and Wolf will now start on November 11 — next Wednesday — instead of 11/6. The folks at operations encountered some issues and are trying to correct them asap.
Sorry for the push back.



5 comments on “**Comcast VOD Programming Change** (for 11/6 updates)”

  1. cool, thanks for the update.

  2. Can I get the 24/7 Funimation channel on Direct TV or Dish Network?  VOD is awesome and I hope ya’ll are making lots of money on it but I’d love to have this.

  3. i wish comast had the 24 hr funimation channel

  4. Speaking of Funi on tv. Whatever happened to the idea brought up awhile back about the Funimation channel becomeing a part of stardandart tv (potentilly). Just currious, been a while since it was brought up. 🙄  

  5. is the funimation channel on comcast i hope it is and how do u sign up in funimation or sign in

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