VOD Fridays FUNimation Channel – 10/30

I’m really stoked about my Soul Eater pumpkin carving. Thanks for your lovely comments to those who have seen it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can jump here to check it out. The pattern was provided by Yen Press so you can try your very own Soul Eater Pumpkin theater 😀

Its a light day today on Comcast’s VOD refresh schedule. But, I can highlight a title that debuted on PPV VOD last week and that was…

And here’s a screenshot from episode 1 from El Cazador De La Bruja . I’d like to call this scene, “Nadie’s way of taking down baddies”.


And here’s what new on FUNimation Anime free VOD:

The Cutting Edge ——> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

Negima! ep 7  







Shuffle! ep 7







Fruits Basket eps 13 – 14







Next week, we will DEBUT Spice and Wolf eps 1 – 5 on Comcast’s PPV VOD which is found under the Movies & Events section on your VOD menu. As usual, episode one is a Free view and episodes thereafter are $.99 each. But, the series doesn’t street for a bit so if you want to be the first to view it before anyone else, this is your chance.

Besides, who doesn’t want to stare at this lovely face?

And for linear channel viewers, always check out the online schedule for when your fave titles start airing.

Remember – Turn your clocks back 1 hour Sunday morning. Its Daylight Savings Time. You don’t want to end up like this on Sunday:

from Scanners movie poster

from Scanners movie poster



5 comments on “VOD Fridays FUNimation Channel – 10/30”

  1. I’m going to see the dub premier of Spice & Wolf at Youmacon this weekend.

  2. Spice and Wolf premiere. Sounds great.

    It’s early but Happy Halloween! 👿  

  3. how come on Verizon fios you guys reply the same thing over and over again i think you guys should refresh your schedule or maybe license a anime series that is on going or maybe dub the rest of the cold case series (i like that show) but i am just saying but hey love the channel but kinda tired of watching the same thing over again

  4. Wish I could get this.  Oh well.  Hope Spice and Wolf sells really well and I can’t wait to own El Cazador.  I’ve been waiting for that one since they announced it would be made.  (Fan of NOIR and Madlax.)

  5. I saw the first episode of  El Cazador on VOD and it was amazing! What a great start to the series. It was so good I had to check out whatever else you guys had online streaming or whatever. So I quickly saw the first 4 episodes (dubbed) on your video portal, and loved them. This is truly an exellent series. Everyone needs to watch it ;). Can’t wait until I can buy the DVD’s (but December is SOO far away). Anyway check the show out, first episode is up for free, and what an episode that is! Grabbed me and it hasn’t elt go of me since. Great dub too.

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