Behold! My Soul Eater Pumpkin

By: FUNimation Channel

Oct 29 2009

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For the past few days I was facing a serious dilemma. What pattern should I use for my pumpkins? At first, I was going to use those patterns that are sold at craft stores like Michael’s or Jo-Anne Fabrics. But I wanted something that said “me”. I wanted my pumpkin carvings to be different from my neighbor’s. And then I thought, what about my college alma mater logo? But I checked online and couldn’t find a pattern. And then suddenly the other day, I visited Yen Press‘s site and they have pumpkin carving patterns of Soul Eater. I finally found something I wanted to carve!

Gaze upon my handiwork:

As you can see, I got really creative with my camera to give the pumpkin that weird ghosting effect. The pumpkin looks like it was getting its very own soul sucked out. 😀  Yeah.

If you have pumpkin carvings or if you cosplayed for Halloween, feel free to post and share in the comments. HALLOWEEEEEEN!


13 comments on “Behold! My Soul Eater Pumpkin”

  1. NICE. Great way to get into the Halloween SPIRT. :mrgreen:

  2. I have read the article based on the Pumpkin.I like contain of the given post and video which clarify the importance.In the video,the pumpkin looks like it was getting its very own soul.I want to know suggestion of other in the regard of pumpkin.

  3. Okay, that’s very cool.  Way cooler than I could do. 😥

  4. @ Rojas-sempai I can’t think of a better treat for halloween then a dubed video of Maka and Blair fighting. Blair is a black cat that looks like a witch she lives in a pumpkin and her weapons are pumpkins and other stuff to.

    Thats a cool Pumpkin.

  5. Nice Idea Chrisc. But this was done by FUNimation_ Channel, not Rojas-sempai. But I’m all for the idea. :mrgreen:

  6. Haha my bad, Plz relay the message FUNimation_ Channel.

  7. Whoa! that looks awsome 😀

  8. decided to change your name Chrisc…….Ops I mean Chris-kun

  9. Yeah I changed it again. I am going to keep this one.

  10. Cool.  😉

  11. Very cool soul eater pumpkin.  🙂

  12. Nice pumpkin! lol

  13. My pride and joy. XD

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