Yui Makino Interview – NYAF 2009

Yui Makino

Yui Makino…singer…seiyuu…and all-around down-to-earth woman. I really had a great time sitting down talking to her. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. By the end, you’ll be doing this :bloody:

I want to mention a big thanks to the folks at Sony Music Japan for allowing me to talk and video record our interview. And also for allowing me to use clips from her latest single “Tanpopo Suisha”.

Note: She held my iPod nano! YAY!!!!! (it’s what I used to cover the convention).

For people who are not aware, Yui (or Yuuchi as she would like to be called during her concerts) is the Japanese voice behind Princess Sakura of CLAMP’s TSUBASA RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. And as it turns out, FUNimation is releasing Season One on Blu-Ray November 17. You can pre-order it now so you can hear either Yui or Monica Rial’s voice in high-definition. OMG! 😛

Tsubasa Season 1 Blu-ray

And Season 2 box set will street on Dec 29.

Tsubasa - Season 2

And now, on to the video…


So far, my favorite question to Yui was about her “masochist” way of overcoming stage fright. And her answer was pretty funny. And I just loved her tiny voice. At the start of the interview, I made a mistake by not pressing the “record” button on my iPod. It was sooo embarrasing. So Yui, Sony reps and I laughed it off and I profusely apologized and she was cool about it. Awwwwe! :sorry:

And you can catch episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle on FUNimation Channel’s VOD and linear service.

Enclosed are comps for web banners advertising Bamboo Blade – Part 1 DVD releasing 11/24/2009.  They will be targeted to anime related websites such as AnimeNewsNetwork.com, TheOtaku.com, and Cosplay.com.  They will run 11/17 – 12/8.

The banners will click to http://www.funimation.com/bambooblade for more information and links.


10 comments on “Yui Makino Interview – NYAF 2009”

  1. You guys are so wonderful! I had been hesitating getting this title (because of the endless amount of cases for a handful of episodes) but now that a whole season is coming out in one case, and in Blu-Ray no less,  I MUST have it!
    Yui Makino is one of the few female seiyuu that I adore. Plus this is Tsubasa so it’s double good. Oh wait, it’s 4 times good! *dorks*

  2. Never seen the show. Should I be familiar with other shows first? Or is it a good jumping on point/starting point/blind buy?

  3. Her voice realy does match well the Sakuras character. Loved the interview, hopefully she’ll be able to do this again.

    @u_nick. Tsubasa is a great show. If you haven’t seen it you have to check it out. If you want to play it safe check it out on the video portal. If not just go and buy it its worth it.

  4. she is a great voice actress…… and she is a good singr.

  5. Wow, that was so awesome. Though, I’ve never seen an episode of Tsubasa. But, I’ve heard about it lots.  😀

  6. dragon: Thanks! I’m in a great mood to blind buy me some blu-ray… and being so close to my birthday will make it even easier… 😀

  7. @u_nick  – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is like CLAMP’s way of reusing old characters, in an alternate universe for an entirely new story. If you’re familiar with other CLAMP series as a fan you’d
    receive just a little more enjoyment from Tsubasa, but you can watch Tsubasa without knowing what’s happened in other CLAMP stories and still totally love it. 

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  8. she is so precious!!

  9. Ok, I’m ready to preorder Season 2 on Blu-Ray now.  Anyone? Anyone? 😮

  10. Eeeee.  Suki desu!!!!
    If I could hear her sing “Synchronicity” live, I think I’d just about die 😛

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