VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/23)

Halloween is next week and I just started listening to Christmas music in my iTunes library. I was updating my playlists and I accidentally double-clicked on the file and the song started playing. Thankfully, it was a Christmas song that I liked – Goldfrapp covering “Winter Wonderland”. And then there was that song that was stuck in my head for the longest time. Its the song “Dirty Desire” by Utada and the lines, I’ve loved you long time….I keep thinking 6 and 9… makes me laugh a bit when I hear her sing it. I could just imagine her purring into the mic during recording asking if she sounded drrrty.

But let’s focus back on the hallow’s eve and the new stuff airing today on Comcast VOD. **NOTE: It seems the folks at Comcast.net got really excited and gone ahead and posted what will debut on PPV VOD starting November 6. Its [spoiler]Spice and Wolf[/spoiler]. 😀

Ok. Now that the cat’s outta the bag on that one, are you excited?

Movies and Events —–> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)









If its got the Spanish word for “witch” in its title, it must be spooky. Well, ok maybe not spooky but there is some ballz kicking. 😉

The Cutting Edge —–> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

And for linear channel shows and schedule, jump here for the latest listing.

The Yui Makino video interview is almost done. Just tweaking a bit here and there.


10 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/23)”

  1. Good offerings!  I wish I could get the regular linear channel for Funi though.  Hopefully the Spice and Wolf showing will encourage more sales.

  2. FUNimation, its too early for christmas music. I work for a zoological society that holds a christmas event from Nov. 18 till the end of the year. And all I’ll hear is christmas music. After one night of it you never want to hear it again till next year. So if you don’t mind I’ll stick to Halloween theamed music and some anime J-pop for nowu untill christmas thank you very much.
    Good list for this week.

  3. @ dragon0:  We’re coming close to the end of October.  There’s nothing wrong with an early, and much needed, holiday cheer.
    @ FUNi_channel:  Are we only supposed to kick “ballz” now?  I know of some people here and there who needed to be kicked, and they don’t even have “ballz.”  💡

  4. @Tyrenol – Maybe soccer ballz?

  5. @ Tyrenol
    Work around it every day for a season then tell me that. Holiday cheer is good but I can live without the contiueous holiday music 24/7 if you kindly don’t mind. It eventually becomes stuck in your head and drives you crazy.  But to please you I’ll give you some holiday cheer.  

  6. Holiday cheer is great Tyrenol and I totally hear you on the need for it nowadays, what with all the lost jobs with more to come and other problems but it’s still too early for Christmas music and decorations and all of that.  All things considered, how about switching to Thanksgiving mode, take stock of what we still have and be grateful we’ve got it?

    I mean, we haven’t even had Halloween yet.  It’s just too early for Christmas.  (Unless Rojas wants to put on a red suit and ride in a sleigh with his Miu pillow delivering DVDs to all the good poster boys and girls.  In that case, it’s way time for Christmas. 😉 )

  7. @ Richard J
    Uncle Rojas in the big red suit. Yeah I’m down with that. But like you said can we please get through 1 holiday at a time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. 1 at a time please, Idon’t want to start christmas shoping yet…….. ahhh… That thought hurts the income.  

  8. @ dragon0:  I get holiday money (50% more than usual) everytime I work on a holiday.  Which is, unfortunately, way more than I can say about those who are unemployed and furloughed.  😦

  9. @ Tyrenol
    At least your job pays you that extra bit for the holiday. My companies employers of 1 of my jobs refuses to do that. 😦
    The other has the holidays off.

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