AKB48 Video Interview @ NYAF 2009

At last. Here’s the video interview of Japanese idol group AKB48 — well, at least with four of the members. The video interview may seem short only because we literally didn’t spend much time “talking” to them. It was me, Gia from Anime Vice and another press outlet (sorry if I didn’t catch your name or online pub you represented. If you’re reading this, feel free to announce yourself in the comment box) sitting across from the girls while a cadre of photographers and Japanese TV crew surrounded us (*note the sound of flash bulbs going off). It felt more like a press briefing instead of an intimate interview. I nearly channeled my inner Diane Sawyer because of that. 🙂  

Update: It was Brad from Japanator.com who sat with us!

I managed to squeeze in one question from one of our readers here (thanks Kyoko!) and was able to get some of my questions answered.


Next week, I should be able to have the video interview with Yui Makino ready.


6 comments on “AKB48 Video Interview @ NYAF 2009”

  1. those I heart NY shirts look very 8)  on them.

  2. wish I could have been there to see them perform.

  3. If I remember correctly, I think it was Japanator.com in the room with you and Gia. You guys went in just before I did.

  4. @Minami Minegishi@


  5. Howdy there, I was the other press outlet — Brad Rice of Japanator.com!

  6. No thank YOU! One more step towards world domination achieved… Muahahaha!!!! <–has watched too much Comic Party and is now being influenced.

    The group is adorable, though. I hope I can see them one of these days.

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