VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/9)

Are you guys ready for Halloween? I’m not. I was thinking of giving trick-or-treaters small bags of pretzels and maybe some candy. I usually mix things up though. I sometimes give out those microwavable Pop Secret Kettle Corn popcorn and suddenly my house becomes the popular house on the block. Would be funny if I ended up putting anime DVDs in bags. Oh, but will there be a disk inside? Trick! 😆

Enough of that for now. Let’s see what’s new on Comcast VOD.

Movies and Events —–> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)

The Cutting Edge ——> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

And linear channel viewers, continue to check out your favorite series and jumping to the program guide for scheduled times. If you noticed, this month seems to be a crazy HunterXHunter love fest on linear and VOD. Catch the series when you can.

Later folks!


19 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/9)”

  1. We love to decorate up for Halloween. We don’t get many kids as we use too anymore. Most have grown up. But we like to give the ones that do come buy a good show/scare, but we only scare the ones willing, to aviod making the little ones cry. But everyone really enjoys it. I personly put this together at my house, but this year I can’t because of a crazy work scheduel. 

    Anime for the treat or tirck huh. Not within by budget, i’ll stick to candy, the good kind not the cheep stuff.

  2. So you guys aren’t uploading anything to the Video Portal Today?
    -Sigh- I wanna see the soul eater dub episodes  😦

  3. D8 No Soul Eater dubbed today?  😦 *sadness* When will the actual episodes come out? 

  4. I like how you guys put the Soul Eater dubbed clip up, but that’s not going to pass if that’s all you’re going to do.
    We want episodes! 😦  Your loyal fans are getting impatient!

  5. *says it like momiji* wahhhh somebody. funimation’s picking on me.
    come on FUNI
    do us fangirls a favor. and stop making us wait.
    this is ridiculous. XD

  6. @ spastic_jaki: Oh you just cracked me up completely with that Momiji impression!  I could hear that in my head so clearly too since I’ve been rewatching Fruits Basket today.  From a fanboy to a fangirl: good joke!

    Man I wish someone really would give anime DVDs out for treats.  That would be epic.  I’ll bet Sasami Magical Girls Club would go over well with little witches and vampires could really sink their teeth into Black Blood Brothers and Moonphase.

  7. Wow… demanding. Sorry guys, no Soul Eater dubbed episodes yet. We’ll get them up when we can. The DVD’s aren’t exactly close to releasing yet either. I’m sure we’ll have some out before then. These things take time – internally, externally, approvals, etc.

    I’m glad you guys are excited at least. 😀
    (I think I broke the smilies also… will try to fix that.)

  8. That being said Rojas,
    why is it that all those lucky little fan kids in Texas get to see them?
    yet your loyal fans get squat?
    ok well we got a clip but that was only enough to make me more impatient about the real thing!

  9. @spastic_jaki – Let’s just say the online world is a tricky place.  I don’t have the details but things just work differently on the interwebs.

  10. @ Rojas: I know that sometimes companies don’t like to give out information on things but letting people know more about what’s going on would help to keep things calm.  An estimate on when the episodes will go up, even if it’s a “safe” one, one where the episodes will likely go up sooner, will help.  People like certainty.

    At the very least, you could find out why Funi has to negotiate everything even though ya’ll already have the digital/streaming rights.  Get the head guy on that front to come here and explain the process of negotiations for digital rights.  I’m sure that’ll grab a lot of folks attention in a positive way and help to make people more understanding about these things.

  11. fair enough Rojas.
    but your not off the hook yet. >.>

    • @ All Soul Eater fans

      I can’t speak for Rojas regarding streaming. BUT, I can speak for the channel and tell you to LOOK OUT FOR DECEMBER VOD… That was a clue. 😉
      Of course, anything is subject to change regarding scheduling but I’m expecting a Soul Eater X-Mas to arrive a little sooner on VOD. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the update. :mrgreen:

  13. are you trying to say i have to wait till December?!
    sadly ppl are starting to lose interest here.
    and the forums are getting slow as well.
    why wait so long?

    • @spastic_jaki
      There is a saying that patience is a virtue. Your enthusiasm is highly appreciated but things in the land of dubbing take time and attention.
      Do you want to see a great dub or a hurried dub with tons of mistakes?

  14. no no.
    dont get me wrong.
    take your time in making it.
    but the Prologue has already been done.
    i just want the first three up as promised.
    then i shall be happy.

  15. Please funimation take the time needed to make the absolute best work of art you can, but we all have to admite that the wait is a killer. :mrgreen:   8)

  16. I wanna watch the episodes to!
    I remember when you guys premiered Ouran at NYAF you guys uploaded the episodes really quick!
    Why can’t you do that with Soul Eater?

  17. Hey Funi thanks for all the things you do however I had a question, Case Closed episode 36 was suppose to be on demand but it’s not up. What’s going on with that?

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