VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/2)

I hope its not raining where ever you are ’cause its looking overcast here – boo! 😦

On a better note, it gives viewers more reason to see what’s on TV, especially on VOD. Here’s what’s up on Comcast VOD:

Movies & Events —–> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)



The Cutting Edge ——> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

For linear channel viewers, highlights for the month are Honey and Clover, NANA, Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa Chronicle and HunterXHunter. Jump to the schedule for times.

Also, keep checking this blog for the AKB48 & Yui Makino interviews from NYAF. They are coming soon.


22 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (10/2)”

  1. Nonononononono.  The rain is wonderful.  It brings with it hope that the flowers and grass will grow.  It also replenishes the fruits and veggies that would soon be in the supermarket aisles.  :mrgreen:
    At any rate; when will we get the exact date and voice-acting cast of Strike Witches?

  2. At least your keeping a positive outlook on the rain Tyrenol. Me when I think of the rain at this time is god, first rain next snow. Meaning idiot drivers on the roads again. 

    Looking forward to getting Dragonaut, and I’m with Tyrenol on when will we get word on Stike Witches cast?

  3. Biggie and Shaq said you can’t stop the reign, since they have a few hundred pounds on me I believe them.
    In Fios cutting edge folder I’m stuck with Black Cat, Peach Girl, and Galaxy Railways. You mind helping a brother out with that?

  4. @dragon0

    Dragonaut is horrible, you’d be better off buying something else from Funimation that you’d never think of buying, that way you’re indirectly supporting them. Seriously.. You’d have more fun watching paint dry then you would Dragonaut.

  5. Free VOD is finally working on Comcast in the Nashville, TN area.  Thanks for all your help Funimation!

  6. @ You
    Matter of oppinion. I’ve already seen a few eps and rather enjoyed it.

  7. @Dragon0

    What do you mean matter of opinion? The series is universally hated everywhere, I would of thought youd know that being a member of animeondvd.. I guess you missed the discussion/hate for the show when it aired. Anyways.. Was just giving some friendly advice, I can’t tell you how to speand your money but you’l only be dissapointed if you buy this, when you realise that the story… oh lets call it a mountain.. After episode 1 it just slides on down and never picks up.. and ends up in trainwrecksville.

  8. @ You
    Well your opinion is apreciated, but like I said the show is a matter of opinion. Meaning there is always a few who like it. Ex- Lord of the Ring. I know many peple liked thoes movies, I personaly hated them. OR Lupin- I personaly didn’t care for it but other do. My view on these kinds of things I find goes agianst the magority at times, but thanks anyways. And yes I have heard about the negitive discussions for the show.

  9. @ You:
    I have an idea.  How about telling us, in detail, why you hate Dragonaut.
    See…  Not everybody visits the Anime On DVD forum, #1.  And #2, opinions are no good if you can’t give out the specifics.  #3 (and most importantly)…  SPELLING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE.
    I have my issues against that show; mainly the cast from Haruhi’s Melancholy and my “weak male / superior female” issue.  I didn’t waste my precious time watching it, of course.  And one swimsuit episode does not a decision-maker make.

  10. @ Tyrenol
    I actually agree with you on this. Like I told you and others that it’s all about personal opinions. And about your #3, yeah I can’t argue, mine’s just as bad somtimes.  Plus I really like the dragon mythology, so thats why I took a likeing to Dragonaut.

  11. @Tyrenol.

    Love the comment, especially the part where you attacked the whole *SPELLING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE.* part. Considering most comments on here could use work, I would say mine was somewhat fine.

    Back ontopic though, outlining my reasons why I think this show is a complete trainwreck and one of the biggest piles of.. well let’s face it crap ever produced by Gonzo would cross into spoiler town. By the looks of things, people are actually going to buy this.. And ruining a terrible show would be just cruel.


    Don’t say I didn’t warn you, at least when you buy and complain about how bad the show is on animeondvds forum if chris reviews it or someone else. You knew beforehand from an Anonymous person trying to save you money/help you on funimations blog that this show wasn’t worth buying.

    That’s all I have to say on the subject, both of you are welcome to comment me. If either of you post on a review topic for this DVD I’ll try and comment you back.

  12. @ You:  “Back on topic though, outlining my reasons why I think this show is a complete trainwreck and one of the biggest piles of.. well let’s face it crap ever produced by Gonzo would cross into spoiler town.”
    For me, this type of reasoning is not good enough.  And you merely come of as some “hate-mongering troll” regardless.
    The thing is that no amount of complaining, and using the word “trainwreck” on something, will ever stop people from buying what they want to buy.  “Personal taste and opinions,” and what you hate the most will still be #1 in some charts.
    Finally:  I always thought that correct spelling and sentence structure is the most important thing to bring to a blog.  There’s no middle ground between “being taken seriously” and “signing a person off as a joke.”  Last I checked, of course.  💡

  13. @ You
    Well like I said your feedback is nice but from what I’ve seen of the series, it suits me just fine. I’m aware that everyone dosen’t like every series. So I’ll just have to be the odd ball here. Ive yet to regret any anime purches thus far except one, which willl remain annonomus.
    One question are you sure you don’t have me confused withsomeone else? I really only come hear to talk about anime. I havn’t poasted on many other blogs. No hard feeling buddy to the topic of this anime, some of us are just wierd. 😆

  14. Hello! 🙂
    I will add my self as another odd ball who likes Dragonaut. 😉
    I have seen the entire series by watching it on Funimation’s video portal. I have  seen the four dubbed episodes. I much prefer the dub over the sub. I feel that Funimation’s VAs bring more depth to the characters. If the Japanese cast is not to ones liking then try out the English cast.
    I also like how it may seem at first like the girl, Toa, is going to be stronger than the guy, Jin, but things happen which make them equally strong and vulnerable. I think that makes this one stand out from other series where there is the female with special gifts to the male that is a normal human.
    I also like the idea of the dragons and humans relating to each other.  The series touches on many different issues like companionship, freewill, and protection.
    In short I see much more than the physical appearances of the characters and the action. I think that this series has a lot going for it underneath the surface.

  15. @ RevyAR:  “I also like how it may seem at first like the girl, Toa, is going to be stronger than the guy, Jin, but things happen which make them equally strong and vulnerable. I think that makes this one stand out from other series where there is the female with special gifts to the male that is a normal human.”
    Thank you. Now I can avoid this anime in its entire with confidence.
    See…  I’m one of those people who believe that everyone within the spotlight should have the necessary and required amount of strength (less it becomes beautified crap like CLANNAD).  First impressions and all, you know.  “Dragonaut” ain’t “Black Cat” or “Glass Fleet” to me.  💡

  16. @ Tyrenol
    While I still think your too harsh on many anime, NO show can be BLACK CAT. That show was just too awsome beyond words. Personaly I’m hopeing the manga continues on with a season 2 as the creater wished for.

  17. @ dragon0:
    I’m too harsh on many anime BECAUSE they’re not like Black Cat.
    And it’s unfortunate that Japan’s anime industry is suffering from an infection of “male patheticness,” keeping them from being truly AWESOMAGE orz.  😦

  18. @ Tyrenol
    I may not like how you think but I’m over it. Not we just have good discussions.
    Question, Since you have seen Black Cat anime, have you read the manga? If not you should. For as good as the anime was the manga blows it out of the water.

  19. I have been attracted to this topic for some reason. I didn’t read anything but I know if I do Despair will hit me then I will retaliate. Just by posting this I feel Despair hitting me….. Geeaahh, I need to get out of here….

  20. @ Dragon:
    Long answer:  I was spending my money on mangas of Busou Renkin, Zombie Loan, E’s, Houshin Engi, Kurohime, Negima, and 07-Ghost.  And I don’t make enough money as is.  Besides, I would’ve also gotten Bleach and D.Gray-Man.
    Short answer:  I missed that boat on Black Cat.  I’ll vouch for it, though.  💡
    @ Mario1~7:
    Best decision you’ve ever made.  8)

  21. @ Tyrenol
    Well thats too bad, but if you ever get the chance, it recomended. There are alot of manga I want to get as well  but untill I find that money tree I will not be getting them anytime fast. Good choice in manga though.

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