Random Video of the Day

Hello… I was watching this and thought it would make a wonderful “WTF!” moment blog post.
Performance art never looked so…so… help me out here… 😳



15 comments on “Random Video of the Day”

  1. WTF! was that? I don’t think the word your looking for is for creativity.

  2. Uh…… WTF is pretty much the only way to describe that….
    WTF, and those guys need to eat more…
    That…. that was special.

  3. …….. Uh….. yea, no.

  4. i like how half the people walking by dont even mind it…probably use to stuff like that in japan…thats why they’re awesome

  5. @dudeFX I notist that to. haha

  6. @ dudeFX: You see that kind of attidude everywhere, especially in cities. People just get used to the weirdness because once you get a really large group of people together, you always get a few total nuts. If they’d been women, they’d have drawn a small crowd with the majority still just walking by. Every so often you have performance art or just plain weird portestors in US cities and they get the same treatment more or less.

    And WTF really doesn’t quite cover this one. WTFHFWT works better. (What The Flying Holy F Was That. 😕 )

    Still, it’s head and shoulders above some of the performance art I’ve heard about. I shudder at some of the vile crap that gets made.

  7. When I was in the Military I saw some strang things in Pensacola, FL were I was stationed.

  8. um…….

  9. ah…………………………………………………………………. WTF, realy does this no justice. 😳
    I wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything like that. Let alone win my underwear. Really I’ve seen some wierd things before but wow.
    Hopefully for that one dude that ground wasn’t too cold.

  10. uhhhhh….yeah!
    I’m just goinna walk away now…before I lose anymore braincells processing this.

  11. WTF WAS THAT! Wow I think those guys were wasted or something. And the fact that was in Japan dosent surprise me either.

    now this is totaly ramdom I have no Idea how some Japanese people is capable of doing that plus more
    (for me that this people lose a bet)

  13. I don’t think any words can express it, but a simple emotion icon can.

  14. Officer Arrest those most and throw them in the nut house!!!!!

  15. It’s like re-living my childhood on pyschotropic drugs. Beyond the WTF for sure.

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