VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/18)

We’re half-way through September and before you know it, its Halloween 😛 Oh, but wait…there is Columbus Day. Who could forget Columbus Day? Coincidentally, there is an anime based on Christopher Columbus‘s explorations. It was produced by Nippon Animation and released in 1992. Its a 26 episode historical drama packed with action and finger pointing…

From Nippon Animation Catalogue

Perhaps one of these days someone will have the courage to license it. Maybe History Channel if they ever want to do an animated block. 😆

Here are the latest updates to Comcast VOD.

Movies & Events ———> FUNimation Anime (PPV)

Blassreiter (First episode is FREE) eps 1-4
Nabari no Ou  eps 6-10
Tower of Druaga (First episode is FREE) eps 1-4

The Cutting Edge ——–> FUNimation Anime (Free)

Mushi-Shi eps 21 & 22  mushi
Sasami eps 19 & 20  sasami
xxxHolic eps 7 & 8  xxxholic
Fruits Basket eps 7 & 8  fruitsbasket
Case Closed eps 31 & 32  caseclosed
Darker Than Black eps 14 & 15  darkerthanblack
Negima! (season 1) eps 1 & 2  negima
Shuffle! eps 1 & 2  shuffle
Solty Rei eps 3 & 4  soltyrei

And the biggest additions to the linear lineup this weekend are none other than NANA and Honey and Clover. 😀


Visit FUNimation Channel dot com to see scheduled time.  

Enjoy your weekend!


17 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/18)”

  1. Funny thing about the Columbus anime is that it aired in Italy first, then almost ten years later, Nippon Animation finally got it to air on television in Japan. To be more percise, NHK’s BS2 channel. It’s odd, because the show was written and produced by the Japanese, although with Italian producers and money.

    Actually, there are a number of properties that Nippon Animation produced that aired in Foreign areas first that were co-productions, although I think this itself was the most extreme as to how late it aired in Japan for them.

    I suppose this is a “The More You Know” comment. I guess there was an english dub for it ages ago, as well.

    Hm… Perhaps you guys could “License Rescue” this title…? =P

  2. Wait, you a Funimation rep, are asking for a company to be brave enough to license this. Pardon my rudeness but please…
    Look into a mirror.

    • @ Mitamaking – FUNimation Channel, like all channels, has every right to review and pass on titles that don’t fit our overall strategy. There are titles that are appropriate to license from Nippon Animation and there are some that are not.
      Although “Christopher Columbus” seems like a good show, its not on our radar of titles to acquire and no one has asked FUNimation to go after it. I mentioned it in the post as more of a tangent. A free-flowing discussion, if you will.
      But since you feel so strongly about it, maybe I will take a look at it…

  3. “Old Chris Columbus,” huh?  Maybe for the kiddies.  8)  There was some other show based on American history and (currently) playing in the US.  I’d let it pass for a company that waves bigger flags, though.
    Just bought Nabari no Ou.  My hope is that it OWNZ as much orz as it looks.

  4. Hey um tower of drugua does not seem to be up on my on demand service Every thing else is up and now I am into Air gear thanks to this, thank you!

    • @ jb

      What’s your zip code and the city/town you are getting your Comcast service. I’ll have someone check on it. If it shows up over the weekend – reply to my comment here. Thanks 🙂

  5. 38654 Olive Branch

  6. it is up now funimation channel, and I gotta admit it was great!!

  7. Um, do you know where the Detective Conan / Case Closed (just in case I get sued or confuse some peeps) section of your site went? It redirects to a page about Navarre Co., who I understand released the Wii game in English.

    (Also, darn my being English rather than American and not being able to view it on this website! And what name did you finally decide on for Toyama Kazuha? I’ve heard about a billion. XD)

  8. I will handle this funi channel
    Here is the correct link
    And if you mean on the on demand section it is under the drama comedy section

  9. @jb: That’s the page I normally try to link to. In fact quite a few of the links don’t work for me, even the SGT Frog links to the side there. Do you think it’s because I’m not living in the States?

  10. That probaly is the awnser I would check Funi rep just to be sure though.

  11. @Umiyuri
    If you’re getting redirected to the Navarre site, then that means you are out of our licensed region.

  12. Um does anyone know what channel # funimation is on in boston? It would help a lot.

  13. You mean Boston, Massachusettes? Sorry I dont know I culdnt find it.

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