Got Questions for Yui Makino & AKB48? Now's Your Chance…

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FUNimation Channel was granted some face-time with singer/Seiyuu Yui Makino and that super idol group AKB48 at the upcoming New York Anime Festival at the Javits.

I’ll be asking a few questions, but I would love to ask them questions coming from you guys.

Here are the rules:

  • Come up with 3 of your BEST Questions
  • Feel free to list your real name or pseudonym (like your Gravatar username) so I can properly credit you. No need to list your age, gender or blood type. 😀
  • List your questions in the Comment section of this blog

I’ll review all the questions up until 9PM Fri, Sept. 18th local time. The time I have with them is very short and could change between now and then. But I’m choosing only the best questions so put yur thinkin’ caps on ’cause this is your chance to get your favorite folks to answer one of your burning questions. xD


9 comments on “Got Questions for Yui Makino & AKB48? Now's Your Chance…”

  1. I am rather curious how big of a wardrobe they have for all those costumes for the performances, so I guess for my first question will be how big is it?(I am kinda curious as to if they need to cram some of the costumes in order for it to fit it in there and do they lose some costumes in there)
    As for the 2nd question, Is Yasushi Akimoto, the writer, a nice guy to work with or is he kinda naughty 😉 ?

    As for the 3rd question, what do you do after the performance is over? (like do they go out to the nearest restaurant and hang out, or rush to bed and prepare for the next day/performance)

  2. 1. Do all of you wish to perform the opening song for an anime series?

    2. With the sheer numbers of your band, how do you all manage to get along and not split up?

    3. What do you think about the issue of anime OSTs not getting ported to the U.S.?

    – KudosForce

  3. For Yui Makino:
    1) When preparing for a role, do you read the manga or novels beforehand to get a feel for the character, or do you rely more on the director’s guidance?
    2)What was it like working on a slice-of-life series like Sketchbook?
    3) Which do you enjoy more: Singing, playing the piano, or acting?

    For AKB48:
    1) How often do you guys practice your performance?
    2) Do all three groups practice together, or do you alternate practice times?
    3)  Do you ever have any free time? If you do, what do you like to do in your free time?
    Okay, now that the questions have been asked… Rojas, did you know Sketchbook was an anime?! I LOVE that manga. I’d love to see it liscensed and dubbed… Please?
    And while I’m asking for liscenses like the spoiled fan I am, I’m still asking for Mahoraba. Seriously, advertise this right, and you can get the Furuba fans hooked on this. It’s just the sweetest little series, and I love it ta bits. I totally want to buy it, but I can’t even buy the manga! I feel so bad having to rely on my fansubs and scanlations to enjoy this show! 😥

  4. Yui Makino ♥♥♥

  5. I’ve only got 1 question. If you could star in a live action anime which one would  you choose and why?

  6. I have a Question just one though. I have been thinking about this since it was posted, Yeah I didn’t know who these guys where. So I had to research. Sorry the Question I have might Fail but hey I tried..

    Ok This is for the Cute girl. Do you play Video Games? If so what is your favorite game?

    Thats all I got. Ha ha yeah I fail. If I knew her Characters then I could have gotten a better Question.

    • I did leave clues in the tags: Hmmmm…Makino-san was the Japanese voice actor (Seiyuu) of..wait for it…Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle. And she sang the opening theme song for…Aquarion.

  7. @ FUNimation_Channel.
    Yui. Sorry for got that part.

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