At Viewers Request: Cosplay Cuties

Earlier this year, Comcast’s Select On Demand sent two people to Tokyo to report from Tokyo International Anime Fair’s (TAF) floor as well as checking out the rest of the city. The catch this time was to have them report in cosplay all day. Fun was had by all.

This production of sending folks out to Tokyo and reporting from the city we love started in 2006 when our first reporter Megan would shout out “Konbanwa!” and “Konnichiwa!” to the camera. It was fun. The following year, we held auditions at New York Comic Con where we discovered Tasayu Tasnaphun. His audition rocked and the producers loved the fact that he spoke fluent Japanese. You can still check out some of his adventures via the Tokyo Reporter Blog which is still live. Here’s a video from one of his assignments:

That was 2007. In 2008, we sent Stephanie Yanez to Tokyo and she added a different dimension to her assignments. Check out the video:

So, as you can see we built up a bit of history of sending people to Tokyo – courtesy of Comcast & Select On Demand – and viewers enjoyed the adventures. If you want to see us continue this trend, then vote in the poll below. Who knows…the next lucky people could really be you. Also, the second poll asks if you want to see all episodes of Cosplay Cuties streaming on YouTube and on this blog.


9 comments on “At Viewers Request: Cosplay Cuties”

  1. Not what I thought, but interesting.

  2. I actually think that was pretty cool. Not only the ‘cuteness’ aspect but the cultural references were intriguing as well.

  3. Cosplaying, IMMHO, is a combination of “beauty contest” and “high fashion;” you’re suppose to look attractive.  That “Man-Faye” or that “Man-Haruhi” would’ve been thrown out of the building and not even given a chance.
    Or, atleast, I’d have ’em thrown out.  :mrgreen:
    But hey.  I have better looking themes to associate cosplaying with.  8)

  4. At Viewers Request? xD

    Thats mean Tyrenol, saying that outloud. I didn’t even want to see the video. Thats a much better way.

  5. B2: Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?

    B1: I think I am, B2.
    “It’s Con Reporters Time!”
    😆  It would be awesome!   just a thought.

  6. @ Chrisc:
    If it doesn’t get said, then what’s bad becomes acceptable.  That’s even worse. “Silence is not golden” in some cases.

  7. I work in Japan and live in California and I was quite interested in what I saw so I googled up on your past participants, I really like Tasayu and where he took the spots, but I think if you combined him with the girls as segs you may get a fuller show! I must admit he is quite witty! Stephanie is a but nasal but interesting, combine and you have balance!

  8. 😦 😕 ❓ ❓ 😆 i also love too c this other anime show that i only know some of the name: S-CRY-??????. it with a dude thats so nuts with his right arm, with the eye of some sort on his sholder its gold sharp arm does enyone know what i’m saying. O yah the eye is red & he only can attack 3 times.

  9. You mean S-Cry-Ed, and he isn’t limited to 3 attacks, his abilitys are constantly evolving so he’s limited by how his arm is performing at that particular point in time.

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