VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/11)

Today is Friday and we have some new anime eps up and running on Comcast VOD to start your weekend.

I know for some of you, today is not your typical Friday. We just want to take this moment and remember those who have passed on while our thoughts go out to those who lost someone that day. Take it easy out there.

Movies & Events —–> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)

   heroicage  Buso-Renkin-key_01-FREE-TRA
dgrayman   claymore

The Cutting Edge ——> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

galaxy   darkerthanblack ahmygoddess 


Your service area headend have backfilled missed content and you should be receiving updates soon if it hasn’t happened already. They had to backfill content onto a physical hard drive so the process took longer than expected. But hopefully you guys can catch up on those missed episodes. If not, we will eventually re-air those shows.

I want to make a note that Tsubasa Chronicle returns to VOD starting with episode 1. It was one of those shows that got interrupted during the switch in May. This time, we should be able to completely air both seasons.

On the linear channel, remember that Honey and Clover and Nana start airing next Saturday, 9/19. Check the guide for scheduled times. Other highlights this month are Basilisk, Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars and School Rumble.


6 comments on “VOD Fridays – FUNimation Channel (9/11)”

  1. I’m just wondering if Ah! My Goddess is season 1 or 2?

  2. What about the Nashville, TN area?  Any progress on getting the free VOD programming fixed here?  Just called Comcast again and it still hasn’t been fixed yet.

    • I was told the same procedure is happening for Nashville. If you also experience additional titles appearing under your FUNimation Anime folder in the Cutting Edge VOD section, let me know. Operations advised that everything should be up and get you folks caught up. I got an update from operations saying they are looking into Nashville’s system. Could you confirm what titles are currently appearing under Cutting Edge/FUNimation Anime? That would help my operations contact pinpoint and get those Nashville folks responding. So sorry for this.

  3. The only titles currently displayed are:
    Busho Renkin Ep. 17-24
    Claymore Ep. 19-26
    D. Gray-man Ep. 27-31
    Heroic Age Ep. 15-20
    Honey & Clover Ep. 5-10
    Kaze No Stigma Ep. 19-24
    Nabari No Ou Ep. 1-5
    Romeo X Juliet Ep. 17-24
    None of the free VOD programming has been updated since June 26!

  4. I’m one of the people from Knoxville who wrote about the Comcast problem. As far as I can tell, the backfiled episodes haven’t returned yet, but all the new shows you mentioned above are available now.
    I’ve really been impressed with the way FUNI has moved to fix this situation – thanks for brings anime on demand back to my TV!

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