VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/28)

Hiya! Its Friday and we’ve got some new eps showing up on Comcast VOD. Check these bad boys and girls out!

Movies & Events —–> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)

The Cutting Edge —–> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

And on the linear schedule, don’t forget to check out other titles such as Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, MoonPhase, School Rumble and Ninja Nonsense.

Next month on VOD, look out for the new Anime Selects folder under FUNimation Anime (The Cutting Edge section). Gundam SEED Destiny and Vampire Princess Miyu returns to the VOD lineup.


17 comments on “VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/28)”

  1. Ok seriously all the bestbuys in minnesota’s twin cities dont have the when they cry box set(this is the area where i live. Funimation can you tell me why this is? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. I wish I had funimation channel.  😦  By the way Galaxy Railways is most underated Anime that Funimation has.

  3. @mckg1
    There are some Bestbuys that only sell the top 20 anime in the store.  Sometimes you have to order them from their website.

  4. Still not receiving free VOD content in the Nashville area on Comcast.  Is anyone else having this problem?  I have called Comcast twice now and the problem has still not been fixed.  Any help would be appreciated.  I’m missing my anime!

    • Hi – Sorry that your area is still affected by a server issue. We’re trying to coordinate w/Comcast and looking into how far along they can get things up and running again. Once we learn more about status I will let you know. Sorry for this.

  5. im still having the issue as well ndv1
    and calling Comcast didnt help either

    • Hi – Actually, you do need to call them and tell them to fix their server issue. Its been the source of trouble in your market for a couple months now and you should let Comcast know that.

  6. I live in Davenport, Florida, and i have Verizon Fios. The VOD doesn’t get any of your updates, i called Verizon and they said if you guys don’t sent them the shows then they can’t run them. I would just like to know any info on this please.

    • The VOD I list weekly is actually for the Comcast channel FUNimation Anime. It would be different from FiOS because they are not getting the same packages.
      We’re working on getting the Verizon FiOS VOD updates and linear highlights.

  7. Just wondering if you guys are still planning on airing Monster on the linear channel. SyFy will be running it (or started to run it), but I would like to know if you guys will as well. There hasn’t been much info on it since you guys and Viz announced that some of their titles will be airing on the Funi Channel.

    • Yes we will air Monster after syfy airs it on their channel. They paid a lot more for it so they have first rights to air. FUNimation Channel linear and free VOD will air Monster after the syfy broadcast. Can’t say yet how many weeks after broadcast but that is the latest regarding Monster.

  8. Vojo?  I’m going to keep on calling Comcast every week and you should too.  It would help if more people would call in.  Maybe then they would fix the problem.

  9. Galaxy Railways is a really good show, well worth anyone taking the time to watch. Hope more people know of this show ❤

  10. I was wondering since you all are bringing back Anime Selects, we won’t have to pay to see these shows since we were watching them for free are we?

  11. i reallly like darker than black being free. its gud.

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