VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/14)

Ok…Better late than never. Here’s what went up today – Friday, 8/14 – on VOD:

Movies & Events —-> FUNimation Anime (PPV VOD)

Cutting Edge —-> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)

Air the Movie, Burst Angel OVA and the CLAMP double features XXXHolic & Tsubasa Chronicle should be available under the Movies-Specials folder on the PPV VOD channel. Enjoy your weekend!


4 comments on “VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/14)”

  1. Hi this is completely random but 100% important question for me. Are all of your new collections going to be in the cheap plastic keepcases instead of in thinpaks. I can see why you would use this for your viridian collections but now it looks like first run expensive box sets will be givin the bastardization. If I could get an answer this would be VERY helpful in what I am going to be purchasing. Thanks.

  2. yay draker than black is awesome

  3. Hey Rojas what are the chances Funimation will license Darker than Black Season 2? I know it hasn’t aired on TV but a pre license would be lovely. Not to mention you’d kill some fansub groups from touching the show..

  4. Amazon.com still don’t have  El Cazador De La Bruja for pre order yet, is this still being released? Or has someone at Amazon spealt it wrong.

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