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Aug 07 2009

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Hiya! Hard to believe its August already and the fall season is just up ahead. Its a good thing the FUNimation Channel has you covered on VOD & on the linear network during those hot, August nights ( 😉 to Mr. Neil Diamond).

First up, let’s talk about titles on VOD. We’re  going to debut Nabari No Ou later this month 😯 . How late? Hmmm…some time around August 21stish. FUNimation just revealed the cast and here we are providing the show waaaay before it hits the streets. Crazy! Since the show will debut under the PPV VOD service, remember that the first episode is a free preview episode while the rest of the eps go for .99 cents per ep.

A couple of OVA will air under the Movies-Specials folder: Burst Angel OVA , CLAMP double feature Tsubasa Chronicle movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom and xxxHolic movie: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Jing King of Bandits: Seventh Heaven. For Jing, the OVA will run at 1 hr 30min, meaning that the 3 eps will run continuous as a full-lengtdarkerthanblackh feature. Air the Movie is also airing this month.

Darker Than Black will debut this month on 8/14 under the FREE offering. And Cosplay Cuties  has a few more new eps added today that will run through to Sept 4th.  The girls do all sorts of fun things around Tokyo like checking out the batting cages and riding the coaster at the amusement park. They also stayed at one of those Capsule hotels and give us the inside look at being in those tiny things.


On the linear channel, titles to highlight for the month are: Hunter X Hunter, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Season One, Basilisk and Ninja Nonsense.

In the previous post, I mentioned something about titles that used to air under Anime Selects before the May switchover. Starting in September, we will debut the folder Anime Selects on Free VOD under Cutting Edge —–> FUNimation Anime channel. The titles that are slated to go up are Gundam SEED Destiny and Vampire Princess Miyu. 🙂


15 comments on “What's New on FUNimation Channel August”

  1. FINALLY! Air get some recondition Now Kanon and the Air Episodes need to be put somewhere (Even though I own the Box sets) Everyone Deserves to see Epicness at its  finest. Anyways yea I don’t have the FUNimation Channel at my house but my Mom has it so I go over there to watch it sometimes. I don’t know what Vampire Princess is but ill look at it then if good ill buy the DVD, (when ever I get Money >_> I have been broke these days.) One more thing these shows are nice but you guys should try to get Naruto Shippuuden on there if Anything I figure you would be trying to get that. People who have the channel will go nuts.

  2. fianly I can see buy one of may favorite ninja series nabari no ou

  3. Wow, that’s a heck of a line-up. I hope the linear channel’s area of service is increasing too. This needs to be a channel everyone in the country can get.

    I believe that the expansion of the Funimation channel might actually help to get more English dubs made. After all, even your competitors in the marketplace are coming to you to get their shows out there at this point.

    @ Mario1-7: If you do decide to get Vampire Princess Miyu, be prepared for a dark series. Also, unless they are talking about the OVA series, you’ll have trouble finding the discs.

    The TV series (which is different enough from the OVA for them to be considered alternate continuities in my personal opinion) is out of print but can be found fairly easily through Amazon second-hand sellers. Personally, I recommend the OVA version of Miyu, especially in terms of the dub, as Miyu is much more lively in it.

  4. Any new shows going to be added to the linear Channel (I’m guessing that is the actual channel)? Hoping to see Monster added  soon 🙂 . Also, when will Tsubasa season two start airing on the Channel? Season one has been on for a good time now, it would be nice to see the new season on.

    Darker than Black free on VoD? Hmmm… I’ll wait for the boxset, but may check out a couple of episodes.

  5. Is there a reason that the (linear) FUNimation Channel is not showing up on Galaxy 23 Channel 802 on my 4DTV/C-Band reciever?

  6. speaking of Darker Than Black any idea if the americas will ever get a Blu-Ray release of that since Aniplex has already done it?

  7. @ Mario1-7: If you get the singles individually, they are extremely cheap. I got most of them for less than $10 a piece. (Heck, a few I paid more for shipping than for the DVD itself.) The boxset is EXTREMELY rare and costs, as you saw, too damn much.

    I still recommend the OVA version over the TV version though. Except the disc with Love of the Dolls on it. One of the few episodes in the TV series with a fairly upbeat ending and a very Yuri one at that.

    Man, I wish I had access to the Funimation channel.

  8. I was told by my programming company that they went off the air but do not know why. Does anyone else have any updated info regarding why Funimation is no longer on the air for C-Band?

    • Here’s the answer to your C-Band question regarding the linear channel:

      “Thanks for interest in the network. Funimation Channel is available
      through cable and satellite providers only. We are doing our best to
      continue to grow the network and so viewer support will aid those efforts.

      The linear channel is currently carried nationwide in Verizon FiOS TV
      markets. Otherwise the full distribution is listed on http://www.funimationchannel.com
      including VOD and transactional VOD options w/Comcast. We hope to
      announce more distribution options in the short term. Call your cable or
      satellite operator and show your interest in seeing them add the network.
      Fan support helps!”

      Thanks for supporting the channel on C-Band but now its time for the channel to grow and expand into more homes and to do that we need all the fan support we can get.

  9. Why did you discontinue broadcasting on c-band?
    Unfortunately all the providers you list do not offer their services in my area, that is why I have a big dish with c-band programming.
    How can I get the Funimation Channel back?

  10. That’s unfortunate about Funimation’s attitude on C-band. Those who watch it there typically only have a big dish and are doing what they can to avoid switching to the small dish or Comcast (not even an option where I live). I think it’s a stretch to ask these people to to press for the channel’s appearance on a system they don’t even have (or want). In the meantime, advertisers have lost a sizeable chunk of their target audience because it can no longer be seen via this method. 

  11. So if you want viewer support why did you discontinue C-Band? I am a dedicated fan and would like to know if you plan on rebroadcasting on c-band or what other method via big dish I can get the Funimation Channel? Please advise.

  12. Your right Tweiss. If they want more viewers Removing a sorce of programing is not the way of doing it. Thats like if I sold pies and i had ads in 4 news papers I would not remove my ad from one paper and say Oh well I removed it because I want more pies sold and to expand my ads.

  13. Kudos from one braniac to another. 🙂

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