VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/7)

Its Friday, Aug 7th and we have new VOD titles up. And they are:

Movies & Events —–> FUNimation Channel (PPV VOD)

Cutting Edge ——> FUNimation Anime (Free VOD)



11 comments on “VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (8/7)”

  1. We gonna get anything new on the fios channel soon? *puppy eyes* other than HunterxHunter, I own/watched everything else…

  2. Totally meant to comment that 2 posts below and totally spaced out when I came back after checking my email. ^^;

    *cough* Yeah… I need more sleep…

  3. 😀 this looks great
    haha i just convinced my mom and dad to cut direct tv to get comcast for funimation

  4. I wish I have cable but aven like that I can still what anime online on funimation or download the episodes
    thanks any way I hope I can get cable son to subcrive tu funimation channel

  5. I have Comcast in the Nashville area and the free VOD content has not been updated since July 2.  Does anybody know what is going on?  I’m going though anime withdrawal here!  Any help or info would really be appreciated.

  6. I too have Comcast in the Nashville area and after looking at this page then checking out what they have to offer…. they seem to be missing all of the Movies/Special content and the Free content
    everything but the later episodes of Baccano! ive caught (sadness just came in seeing its up to episode 10 T_T) but any info at all about that getting fixed? or would it be better to call Comcast and talk to them directly?

  7. I just called Comcast and the customer service representative said he would put in a ticket to see why things have not been updated.  Hopefully something will be done.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. I know you guys get a lot of “will you licensing X show blah blah blah” but I was wondering if FUNimation has any interest in picking up the Kara no Kyoukai movies? The movies have been dominating Japan’s sales charts (50,000+ copies sold per movie) and it’s by Type-Moon (same creators has Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, etc). It’s also the kind of series that can do really well in the U.S. (action and violence, high production value and beautiful art work, audience grabbing story, etc). I know you guys have been asking fans what shows they want but these movies haven’t been on your list, so it makes me wonder if you are even considering it. Anyway I hope you guys at least take a look into the property and I hope for the best.

  9. I’ve had the same problem with Comcast not updating the Funimation content since 7/2, and I’m in Knoxville (TN). I’ll send the info request into Comcast as well. Thanks for the link!

  10. Just wanted to say – I emailed info@selectondemand.com about the VOD problem yesterday, and got an answer back from them later that day, detailing the problem and planned solution.
    I’m really impressed with Funimation’s customer service and helpfulness. WTG! Thanks a lot.

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