VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (7/31)

Friday is a great day. It kicks off the weekend and reminds us that we survived another week. But the best part about Fridays is the new anime showing up on VOD. Every Friday, I’ll post what’s up on VOD and highlight stuff that’s airing on the linear channel.

So here’s what’s new today, 7/31 under Movies & Events —FUNimation Anime:
Romeo X Juliet eps 9 & 10
D. Gray-man eps 22 & 23
KenIchi eps 21 – 23
and…drum roll….
Honey and Clover ep 1 – 4 (the first ep is FREE)

Under The Cutting Edge —-FUNimation Anime:

Case Closed ep 21

Peach Girl ep 18 & 19

Suzuka ep 18

Aquarion ep 20

The Galaxy Railways ep 13 & 14

baccano-3Baccano! ep 7 & 8





Ouran High School Host Club ep 25 & 26

And continue to check out our Cosplay Cuties as they check out those Kitty Cafes where you pet a kitten for a day and learn about the Tokyo nightlife. 😀

On FUNimation Channel’s linear lineup, highlights are:

Hunter X Hunter


Ninja Nonsense 

That’s enough to keep you busy. Soon I’ll post the August VOD highlights so hang tight. I also have news about some of those shows that used to air under Anime Selects. 😉


13 comments on “VOD Fridays on FUNimation Channel (7/31)”

  1. Will you guys put hunter x hunter on demand?

  2. what’s going on with when they cry(higurashi no naku koro ni)?Are you going to do the second season?

  3. @schyler
    Have no clue why you would post such a question here… but FUNi has yet to license the second season (as well as the following OVAs) for When They Cry. Since it’s one of the title they picked up from Geneon, who knows what will become of it. Like, look at Hellsing Ultimate, we still have no clue what’s going to happen with this. Geneon put out 4 of the 6 episodes that are out in Japan. I would probably just wait off on all the questions about those titles since FUNi themselves are probably unsure what to do with them (aside from repackage and continue selling what Geneon had already done).
    Wish I got FUNichan though. Hunter x Hunter episodes are now passing what has been released on DVD. Only 30 episodes  are currently out on DVD, and as of today, 40 episodes have aired on the FUNichan. By the time the next boxset comes out (which will get us to episode 45), FUNichan will be past even the whole new set. Hope Viz plans on getting the OVAs now that they are basically done with the TV series though D:

  4. is there still any free anime on Video on Demand through comcast?
    haven’t seen any free anime on Funimation Anime in a little while
    thanks for the answer :mrgreen:

    • Yes. You should still receive free anime on VOD under The Cutting Edge Category —> FUNimation Anime and the two main folders: Drama-Comedy and Action-Fantasy. All titles under those two main folders are FREE.
      There are three other folders there titled Baccano, Ouran High School Host Club and Cosplay Cuties that are FREE.

  5. i wish FUNimatin channel would come to direct tv
    i really want to watch funi anime

  6. Wondering about the free content on Comcast.  None of the shows have been updated for the past 5 weeks.

  7. Will Verizon subscribers ever get Honey & Clover onDemand?

  8. Im kinda new here, but i really like the cosplay cuties. the show is great i hope they continue. is there like a small website were we can get more information about them and the show would be helpful. thanks

  9. I am on Verizon FIOS. Will Funimation Channel and/or Funimation VOD offer to FIOS customers such shows as Baccano, Devil May Cry, Kenichi, and D.Gray-Man or those shows are exclusive to Comcast VOD?

    (If they are already offered to verizon fios customers – where I can find them? I searched thru PPV and VOD and only found old shows on Funimation VOD there (under Cutting Edge) – that were already aired on main funimation channel throughout this and last year!)

    • @ Masha – Right now, the titles I’m listing pertain to Comcast VOD. We’re still working on putting together a separate post for Verizon FiOS viewers.
      But both systems get different packages and therefore different offers of programming. Its just the way VOD is setup by both companies. Eventually, those shows that aired on Comcast’s VOD will make their way to FiOS.

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