FUNimation Channel featured on Anime Today Podcast

By: FUNimation Channel

Jul 06 2009

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The fine folks over at Anime Today podcast have posted an audio interview of their discussions with Amanda Nanawa from FUNimation Channel. They talk about VOD, closets, method acting, and titles. You know, important stuff.

Check out the interview


5 comments on “FUNimation Channel featured on Anime Today Podcast”

  1. I just listened to this last night at work (Anime Today is awesome <3). Very nice interview! 😀

  2. Sweet!!

  3. Funimation Channel is a great place to preview shows and such. Thanks for having it.

  4. Did they talk about any new shows coming to the FUNimation Channel?

    • The focus of the interview was on the VOD that the channel recently launched. So the new titles that were discussed were for the VOD channel.

      We’ll have a post soon on what new shows to look for on the linear side of things.

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